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Paragraph on “Our Body and Its Systems” complete paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12

Our Body and Its Systems

Our body is a wonderful machine made of billions upon billions of tiny cells. Our body is capable of many feats which include coordination between its various parts and balancing in various situations. The cells in our body are so tiny that they can only be seen with the help of a microscope. Every second millions of cells in our body are dying and millions are being replaced simultaneously.

There are many different types of cells in the body but the important ones are the Skin cells, red blood cells, Bone cells, Nerve cells, Muscle cells, Fat cells etc. The body is covered from the outside with a flexible layer called the Skin. The skin keeps the body fluids within the body and keeps harmful bacteria out. As the upper layer of the skin is worn out, this layer is constantly renewed from the underneath. Under the skin are about 650 different types of muscles which help the body to move. The entire body is supported by 206 bones which form the Skeletal System.

Where flexibility is required, the bones are fixed together in the form of joints while in other places they are firmly fixed together. Inside the skull is the Brain which controls the Nervous System and from the brain stem a group of nerves which spread to all parts of the body, these alongwith the brain form the Nervous System. Nerves carry impulses and signals to all parts of the body which act as messages for controlling body functions.

To sustain our energy we eat food, once this food is swallowed, it goes into our Digestive System where the food particles are broken down so that it can be passed into the blood. The liver converts the food we eat into ingredients which are required by various organs and the left ovens are passed into the intestines.

The blood in our body is purified by the kidneys and the impurities are passed on into the bladder in the form of urine. Pumping of the blood and supply of oxygen to the body is done by the Respiratory System, this comprises of the lungs, the heart and the nasal passages. We breathe air through our mouth and nose and this is collected in the lungs where the oxygen in the air is absorbed. Oxygen is mixed in the blood and pumped to various parts of the body by the heart.

As the human body grows, it develops a large number of skills, babies learn to smile, talk, sit-up, crawl etc. The body grows in size, develops additional features, intelligence increases and so on. In the later years the skin develops wrinkles, the hair become grey, joints become brittle and muscles less flexible and so on. Change is constantly taking place in the body and it is constantly ageing. We should take care of our body by eating the right type of food and doing regular exercise every day.


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