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Paragraph on “Crops of the World” complete paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12

Crops of the World

GROUNDNUTS are grown in many parts of the world, in some countries they are eaten after being roasted and salted. Oil is also extracted from these nuts and is used as a cooking medium in many countries. Besides this groundnuts are also used as animal feed.

SOYA BEANS are beans which are very rich in proteins and as such provide nourishment to both animals and humans, edible oil is also extracted from these beans.

SUNFLOWERS are grown in many parts of the world for their seeds which provide edible oil.

TEA AND COCOA are both cash crops. Tea is grown on hill slopes in areas which have plenty of rain. On the other hand Cocoa plants require a moist and heavy soil. Tea is popular as a beverage while cocoa is used for many things amongst which the making of chocolates is the most important.

COFFEE is also a cash crop which requires a hot climate and both dry and wet seasons. Frost or drought can easily damage the crop. Coffee beans are roasted and ground into a fine powder which is used for making a beverage. Most of the world’s coffee is grown in Brazil.

SUGAR BEET grows in a rich and deep soil in a temperate climate and most of it is grown in Europe.

SUGAR CANE requires soil conditions which are similar to sugar beet but it requires a tropical climate. Sugar cane plants grow upto 15 feet in height. When ready for harvesting the stout shafts of cane are cut close to the ground and the leaves are removed. The juice extracted from this cane is used for making sugar.

RICE is the staple food of half the human beings living on the Earth. It is grown in South East Asia where the rain is in plenty. Small rice plants are planted in paddy fields full of water and once fully grown they are harvested and the rice grains are extracted. China grows the largest amount of rice in the world.

WHEAT is a very important grain crop grown mostly in the temperate regions and in some monsoon areas as a winter crop.

CORN is used mostly as animal feed and it needs a warm climate with plenty of sunshine, and irrigation or summer rain. It is consumed by humans in India, Africa, Latin America etc.

OATS are mostly grown in temperate regions as cattle feed but is also used as a breakfast food in the form of oatmeal or porridge.

RYE is an important food stuff in North Asia and Eastern Europe, and is the hardest of the cereals. Poland is the largest producer.

BARLEY is largely used as an animal feed or by the breweries and malt industry, it can be harvested within 8 weeks of seeding.

POTATOES grow all over the world but largely in temperate climates with lot of rain. It is an important food crop though it has less nutritious value compared to grain crops.

MILLETS is a common name of a variety of plants in the grass family, of these Sorghum is the most important, India is the largest producer of these.

FRUITS are produced all over the world, earlier the consumption of these was restricted to the areas in which they were grown but with the advent of faster modes of transportation and canning techniques, these have become major cash crops which are exported all over the world from the areas in which they are grown.


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