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Paragraph on “History of the United Kingdom” complete paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12

History of the United Kingdom

The first settlers probably came to Britain during the Palaeolithic age. In the year 43 A.D. Britain was invaded by the Romans and made a part of the Roman empire till the year 400 A.D. Around 500 A.I). Christian missionaries arrived in Britain and Christianity spread as a religion. In the last quarter of the 9th century Britain was invaded by the Vikings. The Invasion of Britain by William the Conqueror in 1066 altered the course of British history. With William’s victory the system of feudalism was established. Under this system land was given to powerful Lords and Barons in exchange for which they agreed to remain loyal to the King and fight for him in wars. The United Kingdom is still ruled by the descendants of William the Conqueror. In the year 1215 an agreement called the ‘Magna Carta’ was signed between the noblemen and the King. This agreement ensured that the king would just-fully tax the nobles. In 1282 Wales was conquered by Edward-I and brought under English control. In the following years the British navy grew in might and the British ruled the seas and trade flourished with distant lands. In 1588 the British took on the might of the Spanish Armada and defeated them. Between 1642 and 1649 there was a civil war between the King and the Parliament in which the king was defeated and executed. For the next nine years the country was ruled, as a republic, by Oliver Cromwell, the parliamentary leader. Charles-II however overthrew Cromwell and became king in 1660. In the year 1707 Wales, Scotland and England were united and in 1801 Ireland was united to form the United Kingdom. Though one of the smallest, the United Kingdom became the most powerful country within fifty years of it’s formation. By 1850 the United Kingdom controlled the largest empire in history. The countries controlled by the British still form the Commonwealth of Nations. It is presently ruled by Queen Elizabeth-II.


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