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Paragraph on “First Aid” complete paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12

First Aid

There are medical emergencies when very quick medical help is required e.g. a person may have drowned in the swimming pool and swallowed a lot of water, in such a case immediate help is required since it would be too late by the time the doctor arrived. The rapid treatment provided, in this case by the Life-guard, which would include mouth to mouth resuscitation, is called First Aid. In more serious cases it may even mean restarting a person’s heart, in case of an accident or heart attack, with the help of a defibrillator. First aid also involves keeping a person calm or still or warm depending upon the type of injury. In case a situation arises, one must attempt to find a person who is knowledgeable about first aid immediately since first aid administered by a person who has no knowledge about it can be harmful.

These days efficient Ambulance services are available with Para-Medics (professionals trained on first aid) who can promptly reach an accident site and provide the required help. In the house one should always maintain a first aid kit which should include a roll of cotton wool, a pair of small scissors, a roll of elastic bandage for sprains, a roll of cotton bandage, some gauze, a small bottle of antiseptic, some sticking plaster etc. Incase of a cut, the first step should be to stop the bleeding and then to clean and dress the wound.

Where a person has stopped breathing, first ensure that the air passage in the mouth is not blocked, them provide mouth to mouth resuscitation and finally check the heart beat. First aid techniques are not difficult to learn and it only takes about a day to understand them with the help of practical demonstration. Once first aid is provided to a patient it is necessary that a doctor is called so that the patient’s condition can be checked and a proper line of treatment prescribed.


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