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Paragraph on “Films” complete paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12


The French brothers Auguste and Louis Lumiere were the first men to show a short motion picture. It was from that day that movies came into being. Motion pictures completely changed the world of entertainment. The first movies were silent and as the film was shown a pianist provided music in accompaniment based on the scenes. In 1927 the first movie with sound was shown, it was called a ‘Talkie’.

The places where movies are shot are called sets. Depending upon the background required, set designers create indoor or outdoor backdrops and actors perform their roles. The actors dress up in the dressing rooms and then the make up men add the finishing touches to their make-up. The actors rehearse their lines off the set and once on the set, movie cameras operated by cameramen are used to film the scenes. The Director directs the actors on how to perform their roles and advises the cameraman how to film them.’ Often a particular scene has to be shot a number of times before the director is satisfied. A sound recordist records the sounds separately on audio tape with the help of a long mike called a ‘Boom’.

Once the film is shot, the sounds are added to it. Since the scenes are not necessarily shot in the sequence in which we see them, the editors cut and fit together the scenes in the right sequence. Once ready the film is played back and we can see it in the Auditoriums.

Acting in a film is very different from acting on stage. On the stage a lot of the actors’ expressions cannot be seen because of the distance but in films since the screen is very large and the cameras can take extreme close-ups of the actors, expressions and the display of emotions is very important. The process of movie making has become very sophisticated today with the availability of computer aided production techniques to produce special effects like a person, flying through space or large creatures moving on the ground.


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