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Paragraph on “Composers” complete paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12


A person who writes music is known as a composer. Today an incredible variety of music is available, what is amazing about this feat is the fact that a music composer has only about a hundred different musical notes from which he has to create this variety. If we play the same musical note on different musical instruments then each one would produce a different sound. This probably made this task easier for the composers, because they now had a variety of instruments on which they could compose different music. Composers are familiar with all musical instruments and the sounds they produce. A composition generally originates in the composers mind and this idea or tune is then built up piece by piece. Composers usually write music with the help of a musical instrument so that they can play it while writing it. They generally compose the whole score for the entire orchestra, this is then broken down for each instrument in the orchestra and these sheets are handed out to the player of each instrument. Some of the world famous composers include Bach, Handel, Mozart etc.


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