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Paragraph on “Europe” complete paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12


The European continent is located north of the Mediterranean sea with the Atlantic ocean on it’s west. The eastern borders of Europe are formed by the Ural mountains and the Norwegian and Barents sea are in the north. Also in the north is a large peninsula shaped like a hook. It comprises of Sweden and Norway and located further south is Denmark. The three countries of Sweden, Norway and Denmark make up what is called Scandinavia. Often Iceland and Finland are also included in Scandinavia. Most if Northern Europe is covered with low mountains and there is a large plain area between the mountains in the south and the mountains in the north. It is in this area that rivers like the Danube and Rhine flow. All along the north lie the coniferous forests. There are various mountain ranges in Europe and these include Pyrenees, Balkans, Alps, Carpathians, Caucasus etc. The highest mountain peak in Europe is the Mt. Elbrus located in the Caucasus range. Europe is a small continent but is very well developed culturally, industrially and financially. It’s rapid development is accredited to its trade with the rest of the world right from the earliest days and to its rapid industrialization. Free trade exists even today between the different European nations which are also known as the European Economic Community comprising of Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, United Kingdom, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, Greece, France and Belgium.

In the 18th and 19th century new inventions of all types led to the industrial revolution. Some of the greatest thinkers, artists, sculptors and scientists of the earlier times were Europeans. Most of the different forms of art and culture which include, classical music, ballet, operas etc have their origins in Europe. In Southern Europe the people largely lived off farming in the earlier days but these countries too have rapidly industrialized over the last few decades.

Europe has a very fertile soil which is irrigated by a large number of rivers and rainfall too is plentiful. Climates vary in different parts of Europe. The north is mostly a cold area with snow covered mountain ranges like the Alps in Switzerland, the South coast along the Mediterranean has cold winters but warm summers. Holiday makers from all over the world come here during their holidays.

The physical features and complexions of the people also vary depending upon the part of Europe they belong to. A large number of European people have migrated and settled all over the world. Most of Eastern Europe came under the control of the Soviet Union after the second world war. With the dissolution of the U.S.S.R. most of these countries are once again independent states. Development and per-capita incomes in most of these countries is below the levels of the other European nations.


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