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Paragraph on “Curiosities of the Plant World” complete paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12

Curiosities of the Plant World

Life on earth in all forms has its curiosities and likewise the kingdom of plants has its own. We have trees which are as tall as a multi storeyed building and in contrast plant life which can be seen only be seen through a microscope. Though all plants require sunlight, we even have the various types of fungi which just grow overnight and can survive without it. Besides these curiosities there are some which are astounding in nature and have even baffled the scientists.

There are plants within plants like in Lichens which are algae cells found within a fungus. A plant called Mistletoe is another curiosity, though it can make its own food using sunlight, it uses its suckers for sucking nutrients from the stems of other plants or poplar trees. The most unique and rare plant is of course the Venus fly trap and it is found in swamps where the soil conditions are poor. This is a carnivorous plant which has leaves surrounded by hairs, as an insect brushes past these hairs, they close around it thus trapping the insect within. These insects are then gradually eaten and digested by the plant. The pitcher plant is another carnivorous plant which traps insects inside its pitcher like body.

Another curiosity is the plant called Rafflesia which produces the biggest flower and lives off parasites. This flower produces a very bad smell and as such it is also called the ‘stinking giant’. The tallest living thing known to man also belong to the family of plants, it is the Giant Sequoia tree. These trees grow upto heights of more than 250 feet and weigh more than 2000 tons.

On the other hand we have the smallest in the form of single celled algae like the Volvox which move around freely in water. Besides these there may have been other curiosities which may have vanished from the earth as a result of deforestation and we may never know about them.



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