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NSQF/NVQF Sample Question Paper of Security (403/463)-First Term (SA-1)-Class 9

Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi
Class – IX
Subject- Security- SA-I
Paper- Theory, Code: 403 /463
Time Allowed- 01 hours
Maximum Marks- 30

General Instructions
1. All questions are compulsory.
2. The question paper consists of four sections A, B, C and D.
3. Section – A has 6 questions. Questions are of 1 mark each
4. Section – B has 5 questions of 2 marks each
5. Section – C has 3 questions of 3 marks each
6. Section –D has only 1 questions of 5 marks

Section- A – (MCQ)- 1 Mark

Choose the correct option form given choices:-

Q 1. Verbal communication includes – 1
A. Body language
B. Written communication
C. Photographs
D. Gestures
Q 2. Concise communication is generally – 1
A. Vague
B. Unappealing to the receiver
C. Ineffective
D. Time and Cost-Saving
Q 3. Intensity of an earthquake in measured an – 1
A. Foot-Pound-Second System
B. Light year
C. Richter scale
D. Air velocity meter
Q 4. Which ministry is responsible to deal with drought? 1
A. Ministry of Home Affairs
B. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
C. Ministry of Agriculture
D. Ministry of Railways
Q 5. People who are serving with an organization will be its – 1
A. Agents
B. Internal Stake holders
C. Clients
D. Third party
Q 6. Maintenance of good personal hygiene by a security guard is a part of – 1
A. Personal presentation skills
B. Requirement of Private Security Agencies(Regulation) Act-2005
C. Current fashion

Section B – (Short Answer-1)- 2 Marks

Q 7. Sate any four (04) factors that affect effective communication. 
Q 8. Which all aspects would you keep in mind while receiving feedback from a person? 
Q 9. Define hazard. 
Q 10. Mention any four (04) precautions to be taken by rescuers while entering a 
damaged building. 
Q 11. Which Act governs the functioning of private security agencies in India? 

Section C- (Short Answer 2 )- 3 Marks

Q 12. What in Fire? Sate the elements that are necessary to start a fire. 
Q 13. State the types of fire extinguishers. 
Q 14. State the limitations of written communication. 

Section D- (Long Answer)- 5 Marks

Q 15. Describe the stages of natural development of a relationship. 


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