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NSQF Syllabus of “Food Production-II (735)” for Class 11 CBSE




Time: 2 Hours                                                                                       Marks: 40

1.)Basic Cutting Techniques 2

Slicing, chopping and mincing of various vegetables (to be practised thoroughly by all students).

2. Basic Indian Gravies 1

Introduction and demonstration.

3.)Preparation of General Gravy 1

4.)Preparation of White/Shahi Gravy 2

5.)Preparation of Makhani Gravy 2

6.)Preparation of Kadhai Gravy 2

7.)Preparation of Rice 2

Boiled (drainage and absorption method).

  • JeeraPulao.
  • Vegetable Pulao.
  1. Preparation of Simple Vegetable Dishes 2

AlooMatar, AlooGobhi, MatarPaneer, Bhindi Masala etc.

  1. Preparation of Various Dals, Choole etc. 2
  2. Preparation of Indian Breads Phulka,Poori, Parathas, Stuffed Parathas etc.                         2
  3. Preparation of Simple Indian Sweets Kheer, Payesh payasam, Phirnee, Halwa etc.           2
  1. Demonstration Preparation of 10 Sets of Menus Containing Indian Regional Item

(30-40 Dishes).                                        20

Preparation of all 10 menus by student and further repetition of all the menus to attain proficiency.


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