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NSQF Practical Guidelines and Project 2018 of “Food Production-II “(735)” for Class 11 CBSE


Practical Guidelines




The Minimum number of marks required to pass in each subject is (33) percent in the written papers and practical examination.

2.)Marks for record, Viva Project etc., in respect of Senior School Certificate Examination:

 Marks allotted for laboratory Record, Viva Voice etc., should separately stated in the answer book (if answer-books are used) and added to the marks given for other items.

3.)Assessment of performance.

  • The examiners (internal) may be assigned for the conduct and assessment of Practical Examinations each in Senior Secondary School Curriculum. Question for the viva examinations should be conducted by both the examiners. Question to be more of general nature, project work or the curriculum.

  • In the assessment and award of marks, follow strictly the marking Scheme which is given in the list of practical i.e. provided to the Examiners/Schools at the time of Examination.

  • Every effort should be made to reach a consensus on the marks to be awarded to individual candidates. If a difference of one or two marks still persists even after discussion the average marks should be awarded.

  • Marks awarded for Practical activities, viva and Practical files must be separately shown on the answer-book as the total.

  • Award lists should be signed by the examiner.

4.)Procedure for Assessment of practical work in Food Production. (Marks for practical 40)


Food Production practical has been emerging as an interesting and a practical approach to understand theory, through analytical and logical thinking. It also improves presentation and communication skills. Keeping this in mind the following guidelines has been framed to bring about uniformity and reward creative skills among students.

Practical Activity – (20 marks)

  1. Prepare a meal with the following courses
  2. i) One cereal
  3. ii) One main course (with gravy /Dal )

iii) One vegetable dish

  1. iv) One sweet

Activity question to be created by the internal examiner, to be conducted on the day of practical. Personal hygiene and presentation should also be graded.

Note: ASSESMENT OF EACH DISH may be on the basis of

Presentation of the dish

Table setting




  1. Uniform and grooming must be checked by the examiners before the examination.
  2. File should be submitted before the practical and should be pierced before returning it to the students.

Sample of Viva based on Practical- 05 marks

  1. How did you make this dish?
  2. What precautions would you keep in mind while making sugar syrup ?
  3. How and why are vegetables blanched?
  4. Name the nutrients rich in this dish.
  5. What is a cover?
  6. Where would you place a dessert spoon in a cover?
  7. Any other

The examiner conducting the final practical examination may ask verbal questions related to the practical done by the student.

Practical File/ – 05 Marks

  • The examiner in charge of conducting practical may assign practical activities to the students as per the curriculum given below.


  • Students are required to prepare a practical file as per the curriculum and instructions of the subject teacher.

  • Practical file should have at least 10 menus


Demonstration of skill competency via Lab Activities (10 marks)

  1. Indent sheet* /Procurement of ingredients * – 05 marks
  • Indent sheet can be filled before the exam for procurement of ingredients for the practical exam ( for not more than 4 portions ) (Sample of indent sheet given ( refer to class XII guidelines )

  1. Plan of work** / Write the recipe of main course / – 05 marks
  • Plan of work should be according to the practical activity. Sample of plan of work has been given (refer to class XII guidelines)

Record of Marks in the Practical answer-books

The marks for the practical will be assessed by the subject teachers through, a well planned rubric, keeping in view the core content, quality of the practical and presentation of work.

The examiner will indicate separately marks of practical examination on the title page of the answer-books under the following heads:-

  1. Practical Activity         20 Marks

Prepare a meal with the following courses

i)One cereal

ii)One main course (with gravy /Dal )

iii)One vegetable dish

iv)One sweet                          

  1. Viva 5 marks
  2. File 5 marks
  3. Demonstration of skill competency via lab activities

i). Indent sheet*/procurement of ingredients                          5 marks

ii). Plan of work**/ Write recipe of main dish                          5 marks

TOTAL                                                                                        40 marks

As students do not have an external examiner teachers could follow similar pattern as enunciated for Grade XII.


SYLLABUS OF FOOD PRODUCTION II (735) ( as per curriculum documents)


Time: 2 Hours                                                                                                            Marks: 40

1.)Basic Cutting Techniques 2

Slicing, chopping and mincing of various vegetables (to be practised thoroughly by all students).

2. Basic Indian Gravies 1

Introduction and demonstration.

3.)Preparation of General Gravy 1

4.)Preparation of White/Shahi Gravy 2

5.)Preparation of Makhani Gravy 2

6.)Preparation of Kadhai Gravy 2

7.)Preparation of Rice 2

Boiled (drainage and absorption method).

  • JeeraPulao.
  • Vegetable Pulao.
  1. Preparation of Simple Vegetable Dishes 2

AlooMatar, AlooGobhi, MatarPaneer, Bhindi Masala etc.

  1. Preparation of Various Dals, Choole etc. 2
  2. Preparation of Indian Breads Phulka,Poori, Parathas, Stuffed Parathas etc. 2
  3. Preparation of Simple Indian Sweets Kheer, Payesh payasam, Phirnee, Halwa etc. 2
  1. Demonstration Preparation of 10 Sets of Menus Containing Indian Regional Item(30-40 Dishes).                                                                          20


Preparation of all 10 menus by student and further repetition of all the menus to attain proficiency.


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