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NSQF Practical Guidelines and Project 2018 of “Front Office Operations (410)” for Class 10 CBSE


Practical Guidelines




The Minimum number of marks required to pass in each subject is (33) percent in the written papers and practical examination.

2.)Marks for record, Viva Project etc., in respect of Secondary School Examination:


Marks allotted for laboratory Record, Viva Voice etc., should separately stated in the answer book (if answer-books are used) and added to the marks given for other items. The projects and the practical records, duly punched should be returned to the students concerned immediately after evaluation.

3.)Assessment of performance.

(a) The two examiners, both internal maybe assigned for the conduct and assessment of Practical Examinations each in Secondary School Curriculum (Under NSQF).

(b) Question for the viva examinations should be conducted by both the examiners.

Question to be more of General nature, project work or the curriculum. Investigatory Project especially those that show considerable amount of effort and originality, on the part of the student, should get suitable high marks, while project of a routine or stereotyped nature should only receive MEDIOCRE marks.

(c) In the assessment and award of marks, strictly follow the marking Scheme which has been given in the list of practical I.e. provided to the Examiners/Schools at the time of Examination.

(d) Every effort should be made to reach a consensus on the marks to be awarded to individual candidates. If a difference of one or two marks still persists even after discussion the average marks should be awarded.

(e) Marks awarded for Project / Practical activities, for viva, for project and for Practical files must be separately shown on the answer-book as the total.

(f) Award lists should be signed by the examiner.

4.)Procedure for Assessment of practical and project work in Front Office (Marks for practicals-50)


Front Office projects have been emerging as an interesting and a practical approach to understand theory, through analytical and logical thinking. It also improves presentation and communication skills. Keeping this in mind the following guidelines has been framed to bring about uniformity and reward creative skills among students.

Sample for projects have been given below.

Any two projects can be selected (5 marks each)

However, teachers could also frame similar projects to test candidates’ skills.

Project should be based from the field of subject as per the Curriculum


Project/ Practical Activities – 10 marks

  1. Make a power point presentation/ flip chart of desirable grooming standards for males and females in hospitality industry.
  1. Prepare a chart by pasting pictures of well groomed hotel staff of different departments wearing proper uniform.
  1. Develop two team building activities and games.
  1. Chart presentation on staff hierarchy structure of front office department in a small and large hotel.
  1. Prepare a model of a hotel lobby with help of a cardboard.

(If students cannot be assigned a power point presentation ,then they can communicate their project work through flip charts, flow diagram, etc . students can use electronic media to collect information on hotels )


  • Students should demonstrate their capacity to handle a project in the examination. To improve students’ presentation skills, it is suggested that the students be trained to present final project.
  • The marks for the projects will be assessed by the subject teachers through, a well planned rubric, keeping in view the core content, quality of the project and presentation of work.
  • The correctness and quality of the project in accordance to the time limit should be kept in mind before grading the child.

Viva based on Project – 10marks

  1. What is the full form of NEWS?
  2. Name four airlines.
  3. What is the abbreviation of Indian airlines?
  4. Name the currency of Europe and Algeria?
  5. Shillong is the capital of which state?
  6. Name the capital of Manipur?
  7. What are the grooming standards for men concerning their hair?
  8. What are the desirable etiquette of front office staff?


Practical File -10 Marks

Students are required to prepare a practical file with atleast 10 practical activities as per the curriculum and instructions of the subject teacher. Sample for practical activities have been given below. However, teachers could also frame similar practical to test candidates’ skills.

  1. Draw a pictorial chart to depict non verbal communication
  2. Prepare a collage of newspaper cuttings on tourism and hotels.
  3. Find the currency exchange rates of five major currencies in relation to INR.
  4. Draw flags of any ten countries on a chart paper.
  5. Draw the map of India depicting various states of India.
  6. Make a flow chart on staff hierarchy structure of front office department of a small and large hotel.
  7. Collect pictures of different sections in front office department and paste them on a chart.
  8. Write the functions of front office department and give presentation in class.
  9. Visit a nearby hotel/ motel and observe the different sections of front office and their location and functions in brief.
  10. As a guest in a hotel , which five qualities of an employee you would appreciate

Grooming and soft skills – 10 marks

  • Communication skills-Ask to introduce self, talk about self, his likes /dislikes, why chosen this field , observe and note –clarity of thought and speech ,confidence
  • Courtesy and Manners -how greets, sits only when asked to , Table manners ,donot whisper in front of guest , not use hotel telephone for personal use,.etc
  • Grooming – uniform, nails, hair, shoes, etc

Demonstration of skill competency via Lab Activities- 10 marks

  1. To speak on any topic (self, hobbies, etc.)
  2. Write an essay on any topic.
  3. Write the currency exchange rates of five major currencies in relation to INR
  4. Draw flags of any ten countries.
  5. Draw the map of India depicting various states of India .
  6. Make a flow chart on staff hierarchy structure of front office department of a small and large hotel.
  7. List the sections of hotel lobby
  8. Draw a layout of a lobby.

Record of Marks in the Practical answer-books

The examiner will indicate marks of practical examination separately on the title page of the answer-books under the following heads:-


  1. Project 10 marks
  2. Viva 10 marks
  3. Practical File 10 marks
  4. Grooming and soft skills                                                      10 marks
  5. Practical examDemonstration of skill competency in Lab Activity      10 marks

Total                                                                                                   50 marks

Activity question can also be created by internal examiner, to be conducted on the day of practical.


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