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Matrimonial Letter example “Girl Advertising for a Boy with reply” English Letter Writing

Girl Advertising for a Boy

I you are a boy replying to advertisement by a girl. It is in your own interest to supply the fullest forthright information with an exquisite snapshot of yours. It does not pay a genuine person to furnish half-truths and  thereby bewilder the girl. When a girl has to make up her mind, she will naturally concentrate her attention on those applicants who can be adjudged properly from their applicants without involving further negotiations. If once a girl has pinned her mind of your photo and your application, you may feel sure to have won the battle even you are not best person in the lot otherwise.


Dear Miss “X”,

That is what I must call you unless you so kind as to let me know your real name, but it will be hard to say that could possibly be so lucky as to have the honour of taking to you, not to speak for being accepted as a life- partner.

I am enclosing my photo herewith and it may tell you a part of the  truth, although you can know me only by grating me a personal interview, because snapshots are often defective. Besides, this photo was taken in a strong light and I am sure you are capable of making mental allowances for photographic frailties.

Well, I am gradate from the Government College, Delhi

It was due to my father’s contacts that I was able to get a job as a Manager of American Automobiles Ltd. On a pay of Rs. 2600/- a month which now has risen to Rs. 3500/- including all allowances.

I have my mother with me and we try to make ourselves happy in our little house within such resources as God has bestowed on us. If you join our household, you will not be merely my wife but also my companion in life because you perhaps don’t know how hard it is for a boy to be borne alone and doomed to be alone till death overtakes him.

If it is not possible for you to pay my mother a visit, please tell me where we should contact you.

Yours sincerely,

Krishan Chander


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