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Matrimonial Letter example “Girl Advertising for a Boy” English Letter Writing

Matrimonial Letter

Dear Mr. “X”,

You will permit me to address you as “X”, because a newspaper’s box number is no name, and for the same reason you can call me “Y”, if you like, but I shall tell you my real name Jayawanti.

I think I answer to the qualifications of the type of girl you want and that has induced me to contact you. I am an undergraduate, well versed in music and badminton, although I have still to learn cookery which you think desirable in wife. I am sure I shall pick up kitchen work in no time.

Surely there would be many other applicants and so I can only think myself as one of the many competitors and it would be vanity on my part to think that I am to be the luckiest of all to be chosen by you, although in the final selection I too have to decide whether you would be a fit partner for me. It is true that I am not so wealthy as you are but wealth is not the only thing that matters. There is something like compatibility of temperament which is even more important.

I have thought over and over again whether I should send you my photo and I have finally said “no”. it would not be socially proper to entrust you with my photo when there is not even a provisional understanding between us. Besides , a photo is not a good guide, especially for a girl like myself who is not particularly photogenic.

Yours faithfully,



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