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Life Without Electricity – English Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Essay on – If There Were No Electricity


Life Without Electricity

Electricity is the greatest blessing for mankind. We can- not think of a world without it. We have become used to the comforts provided by it. Most of our domestic needs are dependent on electricity such as bulbs, fans, heaters, washing machines, water pumps, and so on.

Frequent power cuts and blackouts have given us an experience of life without electricity. At such times we feel helpless and frustrated. In the absence of electricity, none can perform his duties to the fullest.

If it is a day in summer and electricity fails, we cannot work, nor take rest. Our whole body would start sweating (perspiring). Our clothes would become wet with perspiration and we would feel irritated and start cursing Delhi Vidyut Board for power cuts. People would come out of their houses and block the main roads in order to draw the attention of the government towards the failure of electricity. Such is the dependence of man today on electricity. People can’t sleep without fans in summer days or nights.

In the absence of electricity, factories would come to a halt, work in offices would suffer, and transactions in banks would come to a standstill. No water supply will be provided. Total industrial work will stop and nothing can be produced. No milk will be supplied by the DMS or the Mother Dairy plants.

Electricity runs our petrol pumps, railway stations, schools, and colleges, hospitals, and airplanes. In its absence, there will be total chaos just as it happened recently when there was intense fog. All the public and private places would wear a deserted look in its absence. The whole area would plunge into darkness. We shall start thinking about how our forefathers led lives without electricity or when there was no electricity.

For all our sources of entertainment, we are dependent upon electricity. We would have to go without entertainment in its absence. Radio sets, television sets, VCR or VCP, and cassette players would become worthless.

Going back to the dark ages (when there was no electricity) is one of our four greatest fears as we would be deprived of our present-day comforts. Therefore, it is high time that we must take urgent steps to keep our resources full which help in the production of electricity. We should avoid wastage of electricity by all means.

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