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Letter to your cousin telling him about the job that you have got at his place of working

Letter to your cousin, telling him about the job that you have got at his place of working. Request him to provide you with necessary information about the place.

23, Shyamlal Marg


June 15, 2007

My dear Pradeep,

I am pleased to infonn that I have been appointed a PGT (Economics) in your school and am expected to take up my job by July 1 at the latest. Since I have no idea of the working conditions and the availability of amenities in Chennai, I need your guidance on some points.

Would my unfamiliarity with Tamil cause any difficulty ? Are the people from the north willingly accepted by the locals ? What about the domestic help ? Would it be easily available at an affordable salary ?

My biggest worry is the accommodation ! How much will a two-room set cost ? Will I have to pay any deposit to the landlord ? Will getting Tinu admitted to a good nursery school be difficult ?

Are there any specific food items from this side, that won’t be easily available in Chennai ? Should I bring along my inverter and its batteries ?

I shall be eagerly awaiting your reply.

With best wishes from my parents,

Lovingly yours,

Anil Dutta

Response to cousin to his letter.

2/41, Rajaji Marg


Tamil Nadu

June 21, 2007

My dear Anil,

I am immensely happy to know that you have been offered a job in my own school. The news is more heartening, as it would give us a chance to serve together and share our personal problems jointly. Heartiest congratulations, indeed ! I know that since completing your B.Ed, after post-graduation in May, you had been job-hunting desperately and the present assignment is a welcome relief, indeed ! As for the city and the school, where you are going to work, there is nothing to worry on any account. Chennai is a beautiful city with a lovely beach and immensely loving and affectionate people. The school too is known for its high standard and old history. The present offer of job, therefore, should be taken as a lucky reward by you.

Regarding your points of inquiry, my answers are as follows :

Yes, it is possible to manange even without the knowledge of Tamil, as most people understand English and Hindi.

  • Local people easily mix with persons from other states. As Chennai is a metropolitan city, it has a great population of non-Tamilians, living and working peacefully since long.
  • Yes, domestic help is easily available at affordable salary.
  • There are staff quarters on the school campus itself. You should negotiate for one of them with the Principal.
  • I would advise you to travel light, as everything is available in the city.
  • Not very far from our school, there is ‘KIDDY CORNER’, run by a missionary. It has a very good standard and is run on a no-loss, no-profit basis, Since the headmistress here gives preference to the children of the teachers from our school, Tinu should have no problem in getting admission on your arrival.
  • Power cuts are frequent in Chennai too. It is advisable to bring your inverter and its batteries.

Hope you are satisfied with the over-all picture, given by me. However, I shall be glad to hear from you again, in case you want to know about anything else, in particular. My regards to respected uncle and aunt.

Yours sincerely,



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