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Letter to a son staying abroad, asking him to fly back.

Letter to a son staying abroad, asking him to fly back.


My Loving Ambani

Mississippi (U.S.A.)

Dear Ani, how’s your job going on? Of late, your correspondence has come down as you are quite busy, I presume. I have now been more than two years since you are out of home and everyone here including your mother, sister, and wife is missing you badly. No doubt you are earning a lot of money, but son, earning money is not everything in life. There are certain expectations that we have from you and you being the darling of everyone, people tend to miss you more. I’m very confident that your employers can relieve you from the States and send you to India. Moreover, with your talent and experience, you can choose from different job options. In either case, you are on the verge of fatherhood. Yes, your wife is expecting and Stork is likely to visit in the month of May. I can visualise your happiness and the glow on your face. Something gives me the intuition that you are now permanently going to come down to India. You must be aware that I’m also growing old and my retirement is in the next year, thereafter I would like to absolve my responsibilities and hand over the reins of the house to you. Your sister is now of marriageable age and we have started getting marriage proposals. All these activities are on the hold just because of your absence. So, my suggestion would be that if you had earned enough money and seen the plastic world of that country then make an effort to return to your mother and motherland. Hope you will heed my suggestion as you heeded when you were a student.

With Blessings and Warmth,



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