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Reply Letter to a friend from abroad regarding a favour.

Reply Letter to a friend from abroad regarding a favour.



Hello! What has happened to you? Going through your letter, it seemed that you are not the same jovial guy you used to be in the school and college. And moreover, your letter seemed so formal. Hey! Just relax. Remember what you used to say in college that there is no problem that does not have a solution. And so, in your case also, there is a solution. Don’t lose heart. You go ahead with your plan of operation and finalise the date at the earliest. I will arrange for the amount mentioned and do not worry even if the amount goes up. You are a slur on the name of friendship. Instead of demanding for the money, you are literally begging for it, which I find quite offensive. Since when have you started being so formal. I’m reaching India on the 6th of Jan., 2003, regarding the marriage of my sister which has been finalised for Feb. 7, 2003, and I want you to be there alongwith your family. I’ll land in Delhi and I want you to finalise the date for the operation so that I can be with you. When I me! Arun, he did mention that you were disturbed and I have also mentioned this to him and he has agreed to chip in with some dough. Have faith in the Almighty. He will see you through, it is one of those phases that every individual has to pass through and even this hour of crisis will not last long. See you on the 6th Jan. and once again I’m there with you, so don’t bother.

Always with You,



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