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Letter of Announcement “Employment Announcement Letter”, complete announcement letters example.

Employment Announcement Letter

This letter would be addressed to the telecasting and broadcasting staff to inform about the joining of Mr. Vikas Rahate; for having accepted the terms and conditions laid during the joining letter specified at the time of interview with the interviewer. This would indicate the details of the individual past background, post, dept., package, payroll and rules and regulations concussed up.


ABC News Channel

Broadcasting Staff

5 N. Road, Mumbai

31st August, 2011

Subject: Employment Announcement of Mr. Vikas Rahate

Dear Staff Members,

With reference to the above subject we would like to inform you to have been appointed Mr. Vikas Rahate with us, is about to join  in a couple of days in charge as a Quality Manager w.c.f. 07/08/2011

Having selected as probation before undergoing under the company’s payroll i.e. ABC Ltd. Mr. Rahate was previously working with LMN News Channel for the past 6 years; further we are privileged to have him work with us. Thereby sharing his 10 years of experience in the tele communication 7 broadcasting industry. He has undoubtedly widespread knowledge in small, business intranet systems with international exposure with a great active professional history. He was also working with many other leading channels like MNM, XYZ, etc. all over the globe. We are certain that he will also be pleased to find as a part of our team.

Warm Thank

J J Roy

For ABC Ltd.

(Authorized Signatory)


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