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Announcement Letter Format, complete announcement letters example.

Announcement Letter Format

This type of announcement letter would likely be addressed to the ones as per the subject matter, nature of transaction, any legal bindings, and based on contractual deeds etc. This would indicate the details regarding the purpose, any intention or a kind of public notice to abide with the lawful considerations and terms and conditions concussed up.


Hardik Shetty

Rounak Gardens

Vikhroli Road,


4th October, 2011

Subject: Inform about individual and separate business entity

Dear Mr. Hardik,

With reference to the above subject and in accordance with the increasing public interest and media encroachment; this is with due respect and bearing the professional ethics to inform and make it clear to distinguish and separate the two different entities with names as the first being ‘Friends and Company’ and the late being `Friends and Foes Company’ on legal as well as social grounds.

Further the only one common link in the aforesaid entities is just the similar names relating to friends. It is prudent in corporate terms to make even a thin line difference to dive and on own terms in the big ocean.

 Lastly with courteous request to all the related and associated ones to take in to consideration to avoid from any future uncertainties and possible illusions from any of the aforesaid entities.

Warm Regards

Naresh Gavle

Signed For Friends and Company


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