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Letter from a husband to his wife from abroad.

Letter from a husband to his wife from abroad.

Room No. 15

Hotel Bahishta

Markato, Addis Ababa


April 17, 2007

Dear Liz,

I am free from deliberations on Environmental Pollution, attended by the delegates from about fifty countries. To day is my last day in Addis Ababa, the Capital of Ethiopia. Literally, it meens ‘the new flower’ and the city is, undoubtedly, charmingly beautiful like a valley of colours. We proceed on a sight-seeing tour early morning tomorrow.

The coming week may find me terribly busy and hence this letter, sharing my experiences, since I had left on this assignment. I had reached here on the morning of April 11 on the flight of the Ethiopian Airlines and was surprised to find the weather quite cold and pleasant. It is a mountainous city, full of ever green trees, bushes and flowers all around and the people are quite loving and considerate.

We were put in a very good hotel and the deliberations of the summit have been quite fruitful. I also read mynesearch paper. My ideas and suggestions were appreciated by the audience. From Addis, we shall be going to visit Gondar, Harar, Dire-Dawa and then to Asmara, the capital of Eritrea. All these places are of great tourist attraction.

Though I am enjoying the change from my daily routine, separation from you, at times, makes- me sad and disturbed. After all, there is nothing more charming than home. I am looking forward to the day, when I shall be meeting all of you once again.

I return my deep affection for you, which neither time nor distance can change.

With warm love to Jack and Nelly and kind regards to dear parents,

Yours lovingly,

Joseph John


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