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Letter from a brother to his sister, advising to enjoy her visit to Delhi.

Letter from a brother to his sister, advising to enjoy her visit to Delhi.

25, College Road



February 27, 2007

Dear Pinky,

I am sure you are having the best of your time in Delhi, enjoying its cool, bracy weather; and not brooding over the routine domestic problems, or burning the midnight oil over your books. Once you are out of home, it is advisable to forget all about it. Hope you have not carried all your problems in your bag to the National. Capital: If they are still haunting you, throw them off your head, forget everything, and make the best use of your time-seeing different places and moving all around from one place to another in the comfort of Metro. I have heard that taking into consideration its speed, comfort and tranquility, it is a world class city transport.

Some of the parks in Delhi remain enchantingly beautiful and serene amid the dust and din of a crowded city. A visit to them every morning and evening should be worthwhile, if you have nothing better to do. You could visit the Akshardham temple, pay a visit to the Escom temple, attend the morning or evening Aarti and even go to the Birla temple. The zoo, the Old Fort the Appu Ghar, the Red Fort and the Jama Masjid may also be found quite appealing.

And rever forget to have a stroll through the roadside book market at Daryaganj on Sunday and the pavement market at Chandni Chowk. In addition to them, Delhi is full of many other places of interest, which are sure to keep you busy for weeks.

Hope you are not returning to Moga soon. Stay as long in Delhi as you can, eat well, do some exercise, and build your health, but keep slim. Never allow yourself to grow fat. With lots of love to uncle and aunt,

Yours lovingly,



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