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Letter for “Termination of Lease Agreement” complete agreement letters example.

Termination of Lease Agreement

Whenever there is agreement made by two parties there are certain rules and regulations have to be made which were written in the agreement letter. Agreement letter address to the party who assign work and other party accept this letter along with the rules and regulations written in the letter by the party. An agreement letter consists of name and address of both the parties, type of agreement made by them, date of the…agreement and acceptance of agreement by both the parties.

Mrs. Khanna

H2/100 Vijay Enclave

Dabri-Palam Road

New Delhi

03 September, 2011

Subject: Termination of Lease Agreement

Dear Mrs. Khanna, This is with reference to lease agreement made between you and me for the period of one year. My flat has been allotted to you on lease for the period of one year at an agreement that 7 8,000 will be your monthly rent. I am please to inform you that you had been very punctual and made all your payments on time. Apart from paying your rein on time you also have maintained my property very well and formed a good relation with the fellow neighbours.

But I am extremely sorry to inform you that you have to vacate my flat because I am facing some financial crises and hence I have to sell my property. I already got a great deal for my flat and have very less time i.e. two months therefore it’s my humble request to you that please accept this termination of lease and kindly vacate the flat before two months.

Yours Truly

Deepak Kumar



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