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“Letter of Agreement” complete agreement letters example

Letter of Agreement

The letter is address to an authorized personality for accepting the tender made by delegating company and giving the order so and so forth. The letter includes terms and conditions of the order along with the necessary documentation to be done by the organization in terms of acceptance of particular agreement.

Kapil Kumar  

182 Janakpuri,

New Delhi

31 October, 2011

Subject: Agreement Letter

Dear Kapil Kumar,

This is with reference to tender accepted, by you. We are pleased to inform you about acceptance of your order and kindly providing you the details of the agreement should be made between your organization and our company. We charge 7 Twenty Lakhs per month for by venture. The bifurcation of the services to be provided by the company and charge per service is mentioned in the tender submitted by the company.

Your organization has to make four installments for the amount charged by us. first installment of worth 7 Five Lakhs has to made at the time to agreement and second installment 47 Five Lakhs has to be done till the date of commencement of work. The remaining two installments can be given after the completion of work. We are looking forward to have great deal with you and your organization.

Yours Sincerely

Somesh Jain

Pearl Associates

New Delhi


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