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Letter for “Rental Agreement” complete agreement letters example.

Rental Agreement


This letter would probably be addressed to by the parties proposing to enter into live and license agreement be it licencor and licensee and like related parties. This would signify the date of agreement, nature of transaction, deposit and installments, standard amenities, any rules and restrictions linked up.

 Mr. Kartik Shety

Hiranandani Gardens

LBS Marg


3rd September, 2011

Subject: Discussion on formation of Rental Agreement.

Respected Sir,

With reference to our conversation in relation to the above mentioned subject; I consent with a positive response and reasonable deal to contract with. Having scrutinized the content of the rental agreement and confirmed the clauses; it seems to have been a standard legal paper without a single doubt to crop up. It is your generous nature to permit us -let out your guest house at an affordable and comparatively less than the market situations and also the economic crisis.

Further without pressurizing you to amend-any clauses; it’s a sincere request you to grant an extension of monthly date for rental payments as far as possible by mid of every month.

Lastly, assuring with best of my knowledge and efforts to trouble you at the least times or mostly we will not indulge in any troublesome activities which will either strain you or let your image down. Awaiting for you’: final confirmation and agreement to ink down at the earliest.

Thanking You

Yours Sincerely

Mr. Akshay Gavde


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