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Letter for “Party Wall Agreement Letter” complete agreement letters example.

Party Wall Agreement Letter

This letter would probably be addressed to odes neighbourhoods and all the interested ones to discuss upon the construction of common wall pending. This would indicate the terms and conditions in brief, date of construction, estimated cost structure, and related tasks.

Mr. Narayan Salelkar

2nd September, 2011

Subject: Common Wall Construction related meetings

Dear Mr. Narayan, In relation to the above subject and with reference to our conversation on your mobile phone to construct along with a common wall between our two houses at Matoshri and Krishna Kung, I would like to suggest my approval to an extent subject to the certain requisites as discussed below.

We although need to have a one-to-one talk before actually commencing the task, still to clear out some considerations as in to appoint a suitable known architect so as to take the dimensions of the boundaries precisely without wasting any open land and the wall to be built in for construction should be set on mutual consent.

With this one, consenting to bear 50% of the expenditure of the construction as it is for common cause and benefit. Since I am available only on weekends, the complete accountability to supervise the construction in a cost effective way lies with you only if you don’t have any objection. We can also ink down an agreement as you consent with the offer during weekends.

Yours Earnestly



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