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If I Were the Principal of My School – English Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Essay on – If I Were the Principal of My School

Today educational institutions in India are passing through difficult times. On one hand, politics has influenced students as well as teachers. On the other hand, the number of students has increased in classrooms. A lot is needed to improve education in schools.

If I were the principal of my school I would deal with the problems in a humanitarian and stern manner.

I would not allow politics to enter my school. There is no need for students to enter politics as our country is no longer a slave country. Today merit and excellence are needed to compete at every step whether it is a job or admission in a degree college. It is the duty of every school to impart the best education to its students. No outside political influence will be tolerated.

Moreover, classes will be held regularly on schedule and courses will be completed on time. Students will be encouraged to take part in sports and games as well as extra co-curricular activities. The best use of libraries and laboratories at once. will be made. Problems of students will be looked into

All the teachers will be asked to take their classes regularly without fail. Awards to outstanding teachers will be given annually. I, as principal, would set an example before them of hard work. This will definitely inshore them to put in hard work for the betterment of students. Dedicated teachers are the need of the hour. Abroad will be constituted to evaluate every teacher’s work and recommendations will be made on the basis of his or her result for award. Lawlessness and indiscipline will not be tolerated at all. No favouritism will be done. Moral education will be imparted to the students of my school to boost their learning zeal and better results.

I am sure all the above measures will be sufficient to solve student’s problems and lawlessness. They would be able to focus their attention to studies and health. The school is meant for the students and their upliftment. It is for them to bring fame and honour to the school. The school should be proud of them.

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