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Unwanted Guests – English Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Essay on – Unwanted Guests

Indians welcome their guests. They are considered gods. To take care of them has been our most sacred ritual.

Today times have changed. Guests are welcomed for a short stay. People don’t welcome those who stay for a long period. A times people don’t like to welcome their guests, particularly when their children’s examinations are at hand.

This change in the attitude of hosts is not baseless. Today guests do not follow the code of conduct expected of them. Unwelcome guests are those who arrive unannounced and at undesirable times. They break the rules and discipline of the house. They talk loudly, eat too much, and sleep late at night. Nowadays people often visit others’ houses to save their money and disturb the peace and budget of the house they visit.

There is another reason why a guess is unwelcome these days. It is the lack of time. Another reason is limited income. The budget of most of the families do not permit the stay of guests. Mostly husbands and wives go to work. There is less time at their disposal left to entertain their guests. Nuclear families are another reason why guests are considered unwelcome.

These days we should be wise enough to limit our social meetings or stays to extremely formal occasions. If we have to stay it should be as short as possible and within the pre-scribed code of conduct and discipline. One should avoid visiting others during the days of examination or when they are quite at hand. One should inform the friend or relative they are going to stay with, and the stay must be of short duration.

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