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Ielts 7 Band Essay on “Travelling” Complete Essay for Ielts Students


The human beings are very aspirational by nature. They want to explore the world by travelling, reading books and connecting with the different people. Travelling is the perfect solution for the quest. It offers various benefits and inspires people to tread the untraded paths. The subsequent paragraphs will unfold the positive aspects of travelling.

To begin with the bright side of the phenomenon, it affects the mentality of people. The narrow walls of the thinking break down by going to different places. The people start thinking widely by ignoring the minor disparities. They welcome and meet people with happy faces and kind gestures. Apart from this it makes them intellectually wise. People who travel frequently are more likely to know about the different places. It adds in their knowledge to recognize the areas geographically.

Moving further towards the other positive aspects, travelling teaches people to be tolerant towards others who came from the different social and cultural backgrounds. They go to distant places where they find affinity with the co travellers. It helps in expanding the boundaries of their relationships by embracing and accepting the differences of the other people.

The human beings should imbibe the fondness of travelling to attractive places to enrich the experience of their lives. The schools should organize the trip to educational places to add more knowledge. The parents must encourage the children to be globe trotters instead of remaining at one place.


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