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Ielts 7 Band Essay on “Many people think regions affect successful persons” Complete Essay for Ielts Students

Many people think regions affect successful persons. What is your opinion about native regions and accomplished person influence on regions they belong to?


There is an on-going debate on the matter that a particular region affects the success of the native people. The dwellers are influenced by the place they belong to. I am completely agreed with the phenomenon that the place determine the level of accomplishments of the native except some few peoples. The arguments in the favour of this concept are enlisted below.

To initiate with the first and foremost region, the surroundings are utterly important for the development of any person. If the society is good the person is bound to learn the good values from the social scenario as compared to the person who live in the bad community. The social contemporaries who are successful themselves inspire the person to excel in the desired field. For instance, the slum residents are not aware about the education and the employment because the children grow up by watching their elders begging in the streets and they end up following the same tradition.

Furthermore, the place that is facilitated with upgraded facilities is more likely to bring the best from any one. The children who grow up in the cities are more successful as compared to the rural people because they get easy access to every kind of facility. On the contrary the backwards areas compel people to remain stagnant in their life due to the lack of proper facilities. Similarly the successful people leave a strong imprint for their native places as they make their birth places famous with their heroic and impressive deeds.

On the tip of the iceberg, it is judicious to say that the places and the natives have strong impact upon each other in a way or another. The dwellers cannot escape from the effects and the places never remain uninfluenced from the deeds of their dwellers.


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