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Ielts 7 Band Essay on “Smoking – A Major Threat to life” Complete Essay for Ielts Students

Smoking – A Major Threat to life

The modern world is entering into the black era by adopting some bad habits. The intake of nicotine is among those habits that drag a healthy man into the well of disease and drudgery. The addiction of smoking drops down the health levels by allowing the horrible diseases attack the human body. This habit is taking the tolls of human lives because they are into the intake head over heels. It is tightening its clutches over youngsters as well as on the blooming buds.

The driving forces that attract people to walk on the path of drug intake are ample. Firstly the busy lifestyle full of anxiety and stress makes them believe that relying upon drug intake will reduce the stress level. Apart from this, the ill mongers influence the innocent people to get addicted and the novices justify their habit as good by just pointing at the other smokers. Social setups, friend circle, elders all are responsible for affecting the youngsters. Moreover, the endorsement by celebrities gravitate adolescents to follow them as they do hero worshipping.

Smoking has detrimental effects that degrades the health levels and put the life at risk. The rings of smoke affect the lungs and respiratory system. People who are regular smokers are victims of respiratory problems. The lungs get affected. Even they suffer from cancer that has limited chances to be cured. Besides, smoking turns the individuals into nauseating creatures by defacing their physical appearance. The active smokers are a threat to the passive smokers who do smoking unknowingly while passing or standing by the active smokers.

There is a sore need to keep a check on this bad activity. The government should make strict rules and the citizens should realise their duty towards their own health and towards the well-being of co citizens. Seminars can work into long run to eradicate this bad practice.


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