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How to Write “Letters of Thanks” with example

Letters of Thanks

We all know when we are supposed to write a thank- you letter. But too often we delay the writing so long that is becomes a chore rather than pleasure.

A thank-you note should be, above all sincere. This quality translates itself easily into words when the pleasure of receiving a gift favour, congratulations, or hospitality is still fresh in your mind.

Although there is no hard-and – fast rule that you must acknowledge  birthday greetings or letters of congratulations, it is a gracious and charming gesture and one that attests to your as good upbringing. In writing this kind gesture and one that attests to your good upbringing. In writing this kind of letter, always mention the gift or the occasion that prompts it.

For Wedding Gift to Relative

My Dear Sister,

Thank you so much for the beautiful silver dinner set presented to us. It’s one of the very nicest wedding gifts we have received. Our dining room has assumed brightness by its addition which it is difficult to describe. I am really very proud of it and show it to my friends who come to our house.

I am really proud to have so costly and so lovely a present.

Your affectionately.



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