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How to write “Invitations Letters and Posters” for class 9, class 10 and class 12


Greeting – card publishers make up so many intriguing invitations that no one need go beyond the nearest stationery store. However, if your child wants to give free rein to his imagination he can creates his own invitation with just a few simple supplies.

The motif should be adapted to the type of party. Here  is a suggested birthday invitation : Cut out from a piece of colored construction paper the outline of a birthday cake, a candle, or the number of the birthday. The front may be blank or have a pated picture clipped from a magazine. The inside page may contain a straight invitation such as this :

Will you come to my birthday party

On Saturday, October the third

At 2 o’clock

Sarita Sharma

211, Amar Colony

Or a rhymed invitation like one of the following :

Come up to my house

Next Saturday

To help me celebrate

My tenth birthday.

We will be having

Much food and fun

And many prizes

For games you’ve won.

3 to 5 P.M. Goldy,  21 New Market,

On Thursday next, when I’ll be ten

I’m giving a party for girls and men

So if you’ll join us for food and fun

There’ll be a good time for everyone.

Thursday after school, March the tenth


441, Bhera Enclave

Teen – agers particularly appreciate novel invitations. A black disk made to look like a phonograph record is a popular idea. Plain white cards with pressed flowers pasted on are also intriguing. An invitation in verse adds to the fun.

Here’s a call for everyone

Who likes to dance

And eat, have fun,

And join the game of chance,

Perhaps romance

With music to delight

At my house Friday night

Vinita Rishi                                       November the first

24, East Street                                  eight o’clock

If you want to cut out a hat shape, colour it, and add a feather, you can write your invitation on an inside fold:

Put on Your

New Spring Bonnet

With A

Big Flower

On It

And Join


Easter Parade Party

At 3 O’clock March 27th


20, Rohtak Road

Make novelties for Christmas by cutting out a stocking, Santa Claus (sack and all), holly wreath, bell, or Christmas tree. The invitation to the party may be in the sack or the stocking. Or you may write it out in the shape of a tree. A peppermint stick attached to the invitation, a spring of pine, acorn, or bit of holly adds a further festive note. But be certain the message is prominent so the invitation won’t be placed to the mantel with Christmas greeting cards.

It is desirable to send a more formal invitation, a short note from Mother will usually suffice :

Dear Mrs.,

Aditya is celebrating his sixth birthday with a little party on Saturday afternoon, June the sixth. He particularly wants to have Marry come.

We plan to start the games about half past one and show movies until about five.

Very cordially,



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