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Greetings is most commonest form of Letter writing for example “Greetings on Diwali”.

Great Glorious Greetings on Diwali

Greetings is the most commonest form of letter- writing today. People love to send greeting cards on the happy occasion of festivals and festivities. Most of these greetings cards are readily available in the market and require little labour in signing and sending them; but some ready made greetings cards do not carry much weight and are usually ignored. A real greeting must come from the depth of your heart. It should be brief and beautiful but like an arrow reach the heart of the home and the home of the heart.


On Diwali




You our


Happiest greetings

To light a candle

In the heart and house,

Forever & forever




May Happy Diwali light a million lamps in all departments of life and bring sweetness and satisfaction to our near and dear ones!


Let light and Joy spread from land to land

Let your business flourish through the world !


From this Diwali Day

Let every day be a Diwali in your life,

In your business and profession,

In your heart and home !


May Diwali of delights be yours!

May it light many lights of Hope and Joy in the house of your kith and kin !

May Diwali bring you many lights and delights !

May light of love be yours !

May delights of every day be yours !


As one lamp lights another

Nor grows less,

So nobleness enkindleth

Nobleness !


On the occasion of the Happy Diwali,

May the stars shower sparklers of life, light love on you!


Let the light of Diwali

Make your business bright,

Your household brighter,

And your heart brightest of all!


Diwali comes once a year,

But let the Diwali in your home and heart

Be a permanent experience

Of peace , progress and prosperity !


Let the little light of the lamps

Become the divine delight

To Truth, Beauty , Money,

Love and Joy

For you and yours!


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