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Formal Letter example “Letter to Principal, Concerning Son’s Report” English Letter Writing

Letter to Principal, Concerning Son’s Report



The Principal,

Rainbow Public School,                                                

Sunder Vihar,

Paschim Vihar,                                          

Outer Ring Road, New Delhi- 16

New Delhi – 63.                                                            

27th April, …..


Dear Sir,

I was most distressed to  receive Aditya’s report yesterday. I have examined it most carefully and it would appear that, with the single exception of games, his work has been thoroughly unsatisfactory.

I am, first of all, anxious to assure you that I am in no way attaching any blame to you or your staff in this matter. Rather am I seeking to solicit your further help. In my talks with Aditya, I have gained the impression that he was given a considerable amount of thime to games this term. Whilst I am sure that these are good for him; I am wondering if they are not taking too high a proportion of bothhis time and interest. I should be grateful, therefore, if you would consider making some adjustments to his time-table so that he can devote more attention than he appears to devote at present to some of his academic subjects.

Father are always biased. I suppose, but I have faith in the boy that there is more in him than his reports seem to indicate and I shall be glad to co-operate with you in any way you may suggest to improve this serious situation.

Yours sincerely,

Ved Parkash


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