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Bharat Ratna Award winner                                        :               C. Rajagopalachari

Governor- General of Biritsh India                           :               Werren Hastings

Governor-General of Free India (British)                :               Lord Louis Mountbatten

Governor-General of Free-India (India)                  :               C. Rajagopalachari

Chairman at Rajya sabha                                             :               S. V. Krishanamoorthy

Chief Election Commissioner                                      :               Sukumar Sen

Chief Justice of India                                                     :               Hiralal J. Kania

Commander-in-Chief                                                     :               K.M. Cariappa

Cosmonaut                                                                       :               Rakesh Sharma

Cricketer to have batted in all positions(1to11)        :               Vinoo Mankad

Deputy Prime Minister                                                  :               Vallabhabhai Patel

Home Minister                                                                 :               Vallabhabhai Patel

Elected President                                                              :               S. Radhakrishnan

President                                                                            :               Rajendra Prasad

Field Marshal                                                                     :               S. H. Manekshaw

Finance Minister of Free India                                      :               R. K. Shanmugham Chetty

Lawgiver                                                                              :               Manu, ‘Manu Smriti’

Man to climb Mount Everest                                        :  Tenzing Norgay (with Edmund Hillary, 1953)

Man to swim across English Channel                           :               Mihir Sen

Woman to swim across English channel                     :               Arati saha

Man to win individual Olympic Medal                        :               K.D. Jadhav

Managing director of World Bank                                 :               Gautam Kaji

Miss Universe                                                                    :               Sushmita sen

Miss World                                                                         :               Reita Faria

Nobel prize winner                                                           :               Rabindranath Tagore, Gitanjali

Pilot                                                                                     :               J.R.D. Tata, Tata Airlines

President of Indian National Congress                        :               W.C. Bannerjee (1885)

Woman President of India National Congress          :              Annie Besant

Indian Woman president of India National               :               Sarojini Naidu Congress

Vice-President                                                                  :               S. Radhakrishnan

Viceroy of India                                                                :               Lord Canning

Woman (Muslim) Ruler of India                                 :               Razia Sultana

Woman Ambassador                                                      :               Vijayalakshmi Pandit

Woman Chief Justice (of High Court)                       :               Leila Seth (Himachal Pradesh)

Woman Chief Minister                                                  :               Sucheta Kripalani (Uttar Pradesh)

Woman Governor                                                           :               Sarojini Naidu (Uttar Pradesh, 1947)

Woman IPS Officer                                                          :               Kiran Bedi

Woman President of UN General Assembly              :               Vijayalakshmi Pandit

Woman Prime Minister                                                  :               Indira Gandhi

Woman to climb Mount Everest                                   :               Bachendri pal

Woman to win individual Olympic Medal                 :               Karnam Malleswari

Woman to go in Space                                                   :               Dr. Kalpana Chawla


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