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Essay/Paragraph or Speech on “Journey by Boat” Complete Paragraph or Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Journey by Boat

Essay No. 01

During the last summer vacation, I went to my maternal uncle’s house at Chandannagar to stay there for three days. In the afternoon, I used to go with my two cousins, who were about my age, to the nearest ghat on the Ganga and take a boat on hire to row for some time in the river.

One day my cousins told me that they wanted to row the boat up to Srirampur. I became nervous in view of the distance. But they seemed fearless, because they were used to it since their childhood.

Without the knowledge of the guardians, they hired a country boat. The boatman stayed in the boat, allowing us to row. Myself and Rachit, one of  my brothers, held a scull and Sumit, the Other, sat at the helm. The boat moved slowly and steadily. It was the ebb tide then; and so we did not face much problem in rowing.

But on our way back we could hardly make any progress in spite of rowing with all our might. The boatman noticed our helplessness and came to our rescue. Now the boat has gained a better speed. But it was too late, when we reached home.

My uncle and aunt were anxious about our unusual delay, because we did not disclose to them about our plan of boating. It was, no doubt, a great lapse on our part. However, it was a strange experience for me to row a boat like a boatman and then fall sick due to pain in both the arms for rowing against the current.


Essay No. 02

Journey By Boat

Once this summer I had an opportunity to go to Mauritius for about a week. We stayed in a hotel which was within walking distance from the sea. On the full moon day, my father hired a boat for two hours. The boat was quite spacious though pot a very big one and then I, my father, mother, sister and younger brother clambered in the boat. It was dusk.

The sun had just set. There were not many boats on the river. I wanted to row but my father was afraid to let me do that.

The boatman came to help me and said that he would take care of the boat and mine, too. His words left a trustful impact on my father and thus he agreed.

Then I sat at the place of the boatman and had the joy of rowing for almost ten minutes and course at a lower speed. My brother envied me. Soon the moon was shining brightly. The tall trees silhouetted against the sky made beautiful scenes. The lights of the nearby houses and bridge threw beams of silver in the river.

The sky was studded with stars. The scenery was breathtaking. Time flew, soon the two hours were over. The boatman brought us back to the bank. We enjoyed every single minute that we spent travelling in the boat. It was really wonderful and the memory still haunts me.


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