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Essay on “A Tour On A Cycle” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A Tour On  A Cycle

Walking tour with a party of a few friends is a very pleasant thing. But a tour on cycle is more pleasant.

In the month of November last year, one of our friends proposed that we should go to Agra on cycles the next Sunday. The distance from our village was 20 kilometres. The proposal was liked by all of us. We agreed. Each of us had to make some purchases at Agra. We decided to meet at 6 a.m. at school. We were five in number.

We reached the school at a fixed time with cycles and money. We started. The road was smooth and fine. There was no traffic. It was morning. So we pedaled quickly. We had gone about four or five kilometers when the sun rose behind us. There was a pleasant breeze. The weather was fine. We were full of joy. The birds on the trees were twittering. We enjoyed the natural scenery. The nightingales were singing. The farmers were ploughing the fields with songs on their lips. Some of them were driving the Persian wheels. We passed through many villages on the road side. We were all the time laughing and talking. Now we had covered 10 ilometers. We decided to stop for a while at a well to take our breakfast. We made our cycle stand against a tree. We took out laddus and Samosas , which we had brought with us. We enjoyed the breakfast very much. I had a lotach and string with me. We drew out water from the well to satisfy our thirst.

We started again. By now we had covered 15 kilometers. There was some nail on the road. My cycle tyre burst with aloud sound. We got down. Raja also examined his cycle. He found that the back wheel had little air. We had no pump. Now we began to walk on the road side. We reached Etmadpur and got our cycles repaired at a small shop. We started again. Now it was warm. In about an hour we reached the Yamuna bridge. The cold breeze and the sight of the river filled us with delight. The sight of the Taj Mahal surprised me.

We got down at a temple on the bank of the Yamuna. We took a little rest and took our bath. Then we took our food and went to Kinari bazaar. I bought my books and a fountain pen. Raju got a pair of shoes. My toher friends bought some cloth, petha and namkins.

We stayed in a Dharmshala that night. Next morning we started. there was no trouble on the way. We had gentle pains in our body. But it was a pleasant tour.


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