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Essay on “Rules to Successful Parenting ” Complete Essay for Class 9, Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Rules to Successful Parenting 

Parents need to live in a consistent life one in which they exercise control. Parents must live by what they believe in so that their children may see the example they set. If parents do this then their children’s characters may be well balanced. School should not be designated as the first place where knowledge is imparted, but it should begin at home with the parents. There are often time that parents forget that they were once children and had parents. Parents do not remember that they felt neglected because they did not receive the love, care, attention, and concern they desired. Parents should remember how they felt as children and try to fulfil all of the needs that their children are presently yearning for. The home should be a place where children can observe their parents behaviour and model it. The attitude and behaviours that parents display towards one another should be one of loving, tender, concern, and respect so that their children could follow. Parents should not neglect rules because they are necessary in the home and should not be cast aside. The home should be a place of happiness and caring. The home that models God’s original plan Is worth more than riches or wealth and no monetary value can be placed on such precious treasure. The relationship that parents have among themselves needs to be one filled with care and concern. Children will learn to relate to their parents instructions and to others by imitating what takes place between their mother and father. Fathers should relate in a loving way towards the mother and the mother should respect and accept it readily. To have a home like the one God intended, is more precious than gold; parents should show their affection to their children in the way then act, speak, and the things they do to and for their children. This will be the final or greatest step in making children draw closer to their parents. The home is where most of what a child learns takes place. The home training should begin as early as possible because this is where the child learns values, morals, beliefs, and develops a character. The effects of such training can be seen even when the child is all grown up because it has a lasting effect even above what is learnt in the later years. In the development of a child who has good wholesome values, morals, and beliefs, the home is the only influence that has the greatest impact. A great duty and privilege rest on the shoulder of parents. Domestic duties should also be a part of a child’s training in the home. Thinking and memory will be benefited when the child is instructed on what should be done in the home. Children need to feel as if they are useful and what better way than to have them make the home a more productive, well runned, happy place that teaches practical duties. Parents have options on how they will raise their children. They can divide to train them up according to God’s word, which involves using faithfulness and love united with wisdom and firmness. The other option is for parents to neglect their duty and not correct their children but allow them to have their own way. The first, will bring happiness to the child, the second, will ruin the child and bring disappointment to the parents. The choice is however left up to the parents. Parents are encouraged to ensure that their children learn that after an action there is a reaction. Children need to know that consequence comes after everything they do, so if they do anything unseemly, they will be punished. Children need discipline and structure because if they don’t have it and are allowed to do whatever they want, they will not be secure and they may think that no one cares for them. If they are left to do whatever the want, children will most likely end  up hurting themselves in one way or the other. So parents should prevent that by disciplining them. Parents must realize that children need to be taught obedience as one of their first lessons before it is too late and the child disregards everything his parents say. Parents usually wait before teaching this important lesson because they believe that the child is too young. But the fact is that the child was always capable of learning. The thing that the Lord has instructed in His word are the basis of what parents should use as guidelines to train their children and the children are obligated to obey.


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