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Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “Science versus Religion” Complete Paragraph, Speech for Classes 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12.

Science versus Religion

“Ever since the dawn of civilization there have been much debate on worth and dignity of science and religion; the intellectuals, philosophers, thinkers are divided even today on the conflicting belief in the matter of supremacy of one over the other.”

When man appeared on this earth for the first time, he was a totally helpless creation. He was terribly afraid of the wild creatures around him. Natural phenomena like lightening, thunder, earthquakes, floods and drought used to frighten him to the bones. He was at a loss to look upon the appearance of solar and lunar eclipse, falling meteors or comets in the sky. Some of those who were accepted as wiser amongst the group invented the concept of religion and God. The ignorant men got something to fall back upon, something to pray for help in times of crisis, disease and death, religion then took several forms and shapes good as well as bad.

In this way Science and Religion have a common origin in the process of civilization which distinguished man from the apes. Science enabled man to practice and propagate religion, and religion envisaged him the conditions, including cohesion, necessary for pursuit of science.

As Civilization advance further and science started making its appearance, some people asking how and why things happened as they did. They started calling for solid convincing explanation for all observable phenomena. This new knowledge and old faiths came into clash with each other and gave birth to opposing camps of science and religion. The clash continues even today.

Science has come to dominate the world in modern times. It has made man jump forward with a leap, build up a glittering civilization and opened up innumerable avenues for the growth of knowledge man has reached the moon. He is exploring space yet there is something essential that is lacking, some vital element’ that is missing. Science has ignored the ultimate purpose of life. It looks at the facts alone. It has cut off all relations from religion which has always helped in the development of humanity.

The recent advancements in the field of science and technology have further alienated man from religion. We are at the threshold of a new era. The scientific achievements have turned distance into nothing. These have enabled us to go round the globe within hours and carry on conversation over long distances between places as far away as New York and Moscow. With the help of science man has conquered time and distance, disease and suffering. He has, to some extent, become the master of situation. But along with all these have come vice, greed, selfishness and depravity. Machines have led to capitalism, exploitation, unemployment ever crowding and slums. The monster of science and technology has run amok. It has become a danger to the finer values of life.

It is clear that humanity has fast withdrawn from God and Church. Science has occupied the chaste citadel of pious religions. This has resulted in a confusion in the mind of man.

On the other hand, Religion is mainly a phenomenon of faith, a purely subjective topic. It always speaks in poetic and touching sentiment. Religion enjoy the credit of providing mental peace and solace in the world -where everyone is mortal. Mental solace emphasizes on the self respect, the internal peace, he can secure only through the religion. In this way religion proves helpful for a man in giving him peace of mind.

Bernard Shaw once said, ” life will lose its charm, when faith is replaced by cold scientific reason.” Many great scientists, scholars, political leaders have given the credit of their achievements to the Almighty, a supernatural being, it reveals that religion is not an unimportant concept to throw away.

Man certainly knows what is right and what is wrong. He knows the nexus between virtue and vice. Everybody has his beliefs, values and ideals. We may not profess any religion but we cannot afford to be irreligious. The relationship of science and religion today is like that of a divorced couple. They hardly interact or pose any threat to each other’s weaknesses and assets. Now a man can be a devout Christian, Hindu or a Muslim and an evolutionist at the same time. Millions, belonging to all religions, successfully juxtapose independent scientific and spiritual viewpoints. Some even regard science as a purgatory of religion, constantly weeding out that which is wrong. Nevertheless, the controversy that once engulfed society still rages in individual’s minds, particularly those of the scientist.

The dispute whether or not there is a God is now to be resolved atpersonal level. It is interesting to note that scientists as a group hardly react to religious ideologies, although as individuals they may hold strong religious opinions. Voltaire, a great French philosopher rightly remarked, “Even if God did not exist it would be necessary to invent him.” Science without religion would be a complete mess.

The discard between the scientist and the seer is very unfortunate. They behave each other with a suspicion. Each feels that there is danger to his existence from the other. Of late, however, there has been a realization that the energies of both these forces, in place of being contradicting and self-canceling can be harnessed and channelized for the welfare of humanity. If science and religion join hands, the world can certainly be transformed into a heaven of peace and prosperity.

But Science and Religion are altogether different concept. Science deals with materialistic progress of the world, needed to arrange physical things necessary for the comfort, luxury for the man, while in true sense deals exclusively for the peace of mind “for the internal solace, for the spiritual advancement of the man, for the good of all concept.

“Now first arose desire, the primal seed of mind. Sages, searching in their hearts by wisdom, found the bond between existence and non-existences.”

Religion does not necessarily mean dogmatism, fanaticism or superstition, it only aims at providing a moral base of human life-style and actions. Religion does come into clash with knowledge. In fact, any knowledge devoid of morality is suicidal. If true religion or morality is allowed to drive the ship of knowledge in the high seas of life, it would certainly become a boon and a blessing.


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