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Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “Science and Technology: Blessing or Curse” Complete Paragraph, Speech for Classes 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12.

Science and Technology: Blessing or Curse

“Advancement in Science and Technology has given man power fit for ‘God’ yet he can’t be ‘God’ unless has peace of mind, inner-satisfaction, respect for moral, ethical and spiritual values.”

Today science and technology have played a key role in almost every branch of human activity. The strange advancement of science and technology in different fields has totally altered the pace of way of living of the present society. If our forefather could rise from their grave they would be amazed and bewildered to see the present world. In the field of education, health, transportation, banking, defense, communication, the progressive use of newer scientific and technological equipment have changed the spectrum of functioning. The gradual use of computers in all walks of life has transformed the means and modes of utilizing time and energy of present society.


Every new invention has its merits and demerit:. No invention is itself a blessing or a curse, it is its use which the human being does to make it a blessing.

Today science is all powerful and has unraveled many causes and effects. Equipped with scientific knowledge, modem man is out to investigate in the darkest and most secret regions of Nature. He has conquered time, distance and space and is preparing to win distant planets, like Venus and Mars. The Americans have been to the moon several times. Soviet and the U.S. Scientists have flown rockets beyond the moon, to far distant planets.

Science has been a faithfully ally of man; it has attempted to make man’s life happier and more comfortable than what it had been in the pre-scientific age. It has helped man to harness the potentialities of nature and thereby enable him to lead a prosperous and comfortable life. Science has helped man in combating the deadliest of disease that used to devour him up in the pre-scientific age. Heart transplant have become everyday occurrences and Western scientist have invented even artificial hearts. Besides, modern science has made man international-minded. By the invention of radio, television and other such wonderful devices, science has brought men and women of various countries much closer than ever.

The tremendous advancement in nuclear technology, medical science, biotechnology etc. have made almost everything possible. The forecasting of weather, surgery of brain, heart transplantation, heart value change, planting of every human organs including eyes limbs and every bone has made a mane more than immortal. The progress in bio-science in genetic engineering has made the man envying with God. The cloning of sheep has been a reality and now researches are being made in cloning of human being. A very important aspect of advancement in the field of science and technology is the analytical reasoning and removal of various orthdoxical and superstitious beliefs thus enlightening the common people.


Science and technology has empowered the man fit to be the God yet he could not as by vagaries of his mind, lust for becoming almighty, he has put the world at the threshold of ruin. The science and technology has done wonders in the inventions of warheads, nuclear and atomic weapons, space warships thus putting the entire world at ruinous peril. A switch can destroy the whole world. The invention of chemical weapons has also jeopardized the whole civilization that may put them in danger of incurable disease The rapid progress in genetic engineering can make it possible to develop clone of human being. The disastrous effect of such invention can destroy every fabric of morality, ethics and the civilization.

The fast progress in science and technology has put the balance of nature in great danger. The present day, air, water and noise, pollution, the gradual global warming has put the existence of world at stake. With rapid industrialization particularly in developed countries has inferred into imbalance in ratio of carbon-dioxide and oxygen in the environment. As per the report of Hadley Centre U.K., by 2050 the trees and soils will start falling and perishing owing to Global warming if no corrective measures are taken.

In brief, science and technology has brought both good and evil to the present world. No invention or technological advancement is itself bad or good, it is the user who turns it into blessing or curse. Machines are manufactured for the luxury and comfort of man, if we use them to destroy others, they become curse, otherwise machines are blessing. It is the man, who has to ponder over the question what he desires to make the world a heaven or a hell, it is his decision which makes the science and technology a ‘blessing’ or a ‘curse’.


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