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Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “Life in the 21st Century” Complete English Essay for Class 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, Graduation classes.

Life in the 21st Century

The new ‘scientific theories have their Origin-in the developed countries. It takes some time to transfer the new technology from the developed countries to the developing countries, like India. Let us now review the technologies which are likely to affect the present population. Computers are the part of the technology which ii is likely to affect the man most in the twenty first century.

A technologist has predicted; “A lady of twenty first century may have a computer in which she will be able. to programme her day’s programmes. A push-button combined freezer and oven could completely cook a. in 15 seconds with the help of the heat generated by microwaves. After a meal is finished, you would not need a dishwasher. Plates will be moulded on the spot for the meals and melted down again after the meals were over. Leftovers would be destroyed in the process.”

It is not an impossible dream when we consider the home appliances of today. We have fancy vegetable cutter, pressure cooker, non-sticking kitchen ware, mixer, grinder, juicer, etc. which do their jobs within no moment. The air-conditioning. of the homes, public halls and work places may be made so superior that the air enclosed therein may be freshened up with pure oxygen.

The day is not far-off when the housewife would have solved the problem of maid-servant. She would subscribe to a central computer service which would supply each household with a robot maid operated through a remote control. Computers would help us drive our car by giving us instructions as we drive.

We are entering in an era of science and technology. It may bring out certain undesirable changes also. Poverty levels would increase in the developing and undeveloped countries. Environment may become polluted threatening the very existence of humanity. Thus we have to develop environmentally sustainable technologies.

Many flybys would be sent to Mars, Venus and other planets. The decayed human organs would be replaced by those grown in the laboratory through cloning or other techniques. The experiments with drugs arc -going on which can changes one’s personality. It would soon be possible to plan the change of personality.

The global transit with the help of ballistics may become a reality. Human intelligence levels may be improved by the use of certain special drugs. The aging process in men and women might come under control. Animals for intelligent and. skilled labour might become a reality. In the twenty first century, humans would be cloned. Flying cars would he used for transportation and Internet would conduct most of the business.

A French oceanographer Jacques Yres Costeau has predicted that biotechnology would be able to graft a gill on human shoulders making hint’ completely amphibious. Man would be able to adjust to living under water also. Suitable techniques would be evolved to make sea water fit for drinking. Moon may by colonised by the end of twenty first century.

Thus, science and technology promise a future in which man can lead a healthy and satisfying life, but it will depend upon the wisdom with which we utilize science and technology.


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