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Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “A Little Knowledge is A Dangerous Thing” Complete Essay for Class 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, Graduation classes.

A Little Knowledge Is A Dangerous Thing

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Essay  No. 01

This proverb cautions us against the dangers of having a little knowledge. A little knowledge about a thing is both defective and harmful. A man with a little knowledge misleads those who follow him. He pretends to be what he is not. He is like a quack that causes the death of many people. He may have the prescription of a few ailments but tries his hand on every type of ailment. He spreads pain and suffering in society. One must have full knowledge of a thing or no knowledge at all. It does not pay to be a Jack of all trades and master of none. Only a person with full knowledge can deliver the goods. He can speak about a thing with authority and confidence. No doubt knowledge is limitless. We can’t master it in all our life. But whatever knowledge we possess must be perfect. A man with a little knowledge is like a frog in the well. We should try to rise above the narrow bounds of our knowledge. Thus the proverb stresses the importance of full knowledge.

Essay  No. 02

A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous

Things According to Pope, knowledge is good but a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. A person with little knowledge is like an empty vessel which makes a lot of noise. Similarly to conceal their weakness, the people who know very little about a subject pose themselves as an authority on the subject. A little knowledge is always accompanied by false pride. It is necessary thus that one is fully trained and qualified before entering a particular field as an untrained and unqualified person can be even dangerous to fellow beings. Although it is true that life is short and knowledge is vast, it still does not mean that one should be content with imperfect knowledge. It is better not to acquire any knowledge at all than a little knowledge for it can be dangerous to others and oneself also.

Essay  No. 03

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing

Man has the curiosity to know more about the things around him. This urge has added meaning to his life. From time immemorial man has been engrossed in the quest for knowledge. This curiosity has led him to get unthinkable. But there have been also times when this brought about the downfall of the man himself.

Little knowledge of a matter is dangerous. A person who has little knowledge often attempts to do what is beyond his ability. He goes boasting about his learning and knowledge. He misjudges things. A mechanic having blunt knowledge of his work may spoil the machinery.

Persons with little knowledge mislead others. They often expose themselves to the ridicule of others. When a man boasts of himself, foolish people consider him a great man. They believe in whatever he says. They attribute many things to him which he does not know. He enjoys a reputation, which he does not deserve.

A little knowledge is very dangerous in this scientific era. With a little knowledge of medicine, he may prescribe the wrong medicines and diagnose the patient wrongly. An engineering firm may save money by giving employment to underqualified engineers. But such a firm loses a hundred times more through wastage and inefficiency. A railway engine driver who is not an expert or a pilot who knows just a little about aeronautics may bring disaster on so many passengers.

The teachers whose knowledge of his subject is not thorough may prove to be a source of incalculable harm to his students. A political leader who has little knowledge about the economic, social, and political problems of his country may prove harmful.

Alfred Nobel revealed the concept behind the dynamite to be used for the betterment of humanity. He could not realize that it could be used for destructive purposes also. In technical matters, mastery over the subject is a must. In some cases, a little knowledge can be helpful but is only where practical use of knowledge is not involved. Limited knowledge may invite many troubles. It does not contribute to the betterment of society. It makes a man dogmatic. By blowing his own trumpet, he propagates his ignorance. People having little knowledge are rude and discourteous. They make a lot of noise while boasting.

We should always try to learn more and more about a subject. So long we do not know fully about a particular subject, we should not venture to give any opinion about it.


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