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Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “Failures are the Stepping Stones of Success” Complete English Essay for Class 8, 9, 10, 12 Students.

Failures are the Stepping Stones of Success

Essay No. 01

No one is perfect or can claim perfection. Each of us has many limitations which are responsible for our failures. Though failures, because of their discouraging effects, are undesirable and inconvenient, they give us opportunities to realize our shortcomings. While we think of our failures, we review our actions that led to them, and as we study the actions closely, we understand the reasons for those failures. By learning about our failures, we may be able to avoid them in the future. Such reviews can also help us improve ourselves, and thereby lead us to success later. Moreover, since our failures remain fresh in our memory for a long, we always vary of them and, therefore, are less likely to repeat them. Many major scientific achievements and social reform movements suffered failures and The Sterling Book of Prose Compositions disappointments in their early stages. Man’s desire to fly was realized only after a series of disastrous failures. Similarly, Mahatma Gandhi succeeded in winning independence for India only after the non-cooperation movement, which he started, had failed.

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Failures Are Stepping Stones of Success

Essay No. 02

Success and failure go hand in hand. Success gives us a sense of joy and pride and failure discourages and depresses us. But we should not forget that in the battle of life, failures do come. In that case, we should not lose heart and give up trying again. Man is imperfect, so he often stumbles in life. Misfortunes try him, as fire tries gold. Failures appear to be unpleasant, but they are helpful in many other ways. They are our best instructors. Each time we fail we learn some lessons. We come to know the reason for our failure. In the next attempt, we guard ourselves against committing the same mistake.

The experience we gain each time makes our path of success smooth and easy. If we give up trying as soon as we meet with failure, we remain defeated in life, though we may possess the necessary strength to reach the goal. Experience, they say, is the best teacher. We, at the same time discover our hidden powers. Every failure makes us more experienced than before. They should not be regarded as the inefficiency of the person concerned. If a man, armed with the experiences of failures picks up the courage and goes on doing a thing, success will be his. So we need not feel ashamed if we fail in any undertaking.

Everyone aspires for success in life. Only a few lucky persons manage to get success. Often it is a failure that falls to a lot of most of the human beings. Is the failure something deplorable? Is there anything good in it? Do all successful people feel happy? Such are the questions that arise before all of us. The answer is that failures are not deplorable and every success does not contribute to perfect happiness. In fact, happiness is not the outcome of failure or success in life but is a mental phenomenon.

In a happy mood, a man tolerates failure but in a sad mood, even success doesn’t give him any joy. Failure and success are the two relative terms. Failures provide experience. After all, a man learns by experience and failures are stepping stones to success. King Bruce of Scotland fought for the freedom of his country. He failed many times but he did not lose heart. Ultimately he was successful in his objective.

We must study the causes of our failures, and realize our defects. It will surely help us in achieving success in our attempts. Failure, therefore, is not a hindrance, but a help, not a banc but a boon. Life is a sum total of experiences and failures. It adds to our experiences and opens our eyes.

Failures make a person bold, active, and vigilant. Failures and defeats make a cowardly person to lose heart but these inject vigour and enthusiasm in a brave man. Failures provide a chance for self-improvement. So in order to make the most of their use one should face them boldly and cheerfully.


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