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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “Towards A World Without Nuclear Weapons” Complete Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Towards A World Without Nuclear Weapons

The very term “nuclear weapons” sounds dreadful. Nuclear arsenal can wipe out the entire humanity. This beautiful earth with innumerable living beings will turn into a vast graveyard in the event of a nuclear war. Just the pressing of a button can which forces, forces, that will put an end to all living beings on this planet, is presently believed to be the only e that is inhabited in the solar system. It will be the height of mankind’s stupidity if such a catastrophe were to take place.

Nations are suspicious of one another. Every nation, big or small, has joined the mad race for possessing, if not manufacturing nuclear weapons, far in excess of its requirements. This is turn, has led to a tendency for nuclear superiority between the super power and to research and development in the nuclear field by developing nations. This unfortunate trend must be reserved if we wish to build a world devoid of fear and suspicion. The balance of terror has to end if we are to have a world without nuclear weapons. This can be done w if we work towards the establishment of mutual trust between nations.

There can be no two opinions about the necessity of peace in the world. The huge amounts of money spent by nations on acquiring nuclear knowhow and capability can be diverted for use towards the welfare of suffering humanity. This would yield miraculous results in the elimination of poverty, eradication of illiteracy, provision of basic necessities like health care, education and employment and raising the general standard of living of the people the world over.

Nations should stop feeling status-conscious about their nuclear capability and the destructive nuclear arsenals at their disposals. Nuclear weapons must cease to be considered a badge of honour by the super powers, to start with. Smaller nations will automatically follow the suit. The rest of the world must not look upon the USA and Russia with awe and wonder, simply because they have unlimited nuclear weapons at their disposal. Although the two super powers continue signing treaties on disarmament, reduction in the deployment of troops in various parts of the world and a lot of lip service to the cause of global nuclear disarmament,. the cold war still is a reality between them. And this cold war threatens to erupt into a real war in case either of them decides to exercise and establish its nuclear superiority over the other. In case a third World War breaks out, it will be a nuclear war and, in the words of the former Russian Prime Minister Khruschev, will be one in which the living will envy the dead” The Fourth World War in that case, will be fought with bows and arrows. The scenario is really frightening. Are we prepared to negate all the gains of civilisation in just one fell sweep, by piling up nuclear weapons ? Or do we, in our wisdom, favour the reversal of this harrowing vision. An American tele-film on nuclear war, ‘The Day After’ has graphically depicted the horrors of nuclear warfare. We should, therefore, all work towards a world without nuclear weapons.

A world without nuclear weapons can become a reality if we actively work towards nuclear disarmament and the formation of a World Government, stronger than the United Nations , Whose role will be mainly to police the world and prevent nations from acquiring nuclear know-how and capabilities without interfering into their internal affairs and national development efforts. This world government should be constituted from among the leading personalities of different nations like’ eminent social workers, charismatic political leaders and renowned scientists, The main aim of such a world body should be to work towards the welfare of humanity and protect the human race from destroying itself. It should see that the world is free from such barriers as those of languages, caste, creed, religion and colour, This type of government is the only way to avert a nuclear war.

Nations will unite automatically and fight against mankind’s common enemy from the extra-terrestrial world, if there is one at all. In the absence of a World Government the only way to unite nations is to drive home the picture of horrendous destruction that awaits mankind in the event of a nuclear warfare. This threat is more real than any from an extra-terrestrial enemy. Although organisations like the United Nation and the Non-Aligned Movement continue their crusade for world peace, it lies with individual nations to work towards a world without nuclear weapons, if the dream is to be ever realised. They must cooperate with one another to establish peace and tranquility by eliminating tensions and regional conflicts.

Mankind has worked hard down the centuries to build a civilisation that we are all proud of. Let it not be destroyed at the altar of nuclear weapons. The present society is the culmination of efforts and dedication by people who had the welfare of their fellow beings at heart. It is certain to be destroyed and all efforts coming to a naught if nuclear proliferation is to be allowed or condoned. Men must learn from experience and turn their energies towards building rather than destroying. If this is done, we shall usher in an Utopia on this earth. God said “Let there be light”, when this cosmos was Lo be created. Let man say today “Let there be peace” if we are to continue the gains of civilisation and not negate them through thoughtless nuclear warfare.


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