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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “The Role of Youth in Politics” Complete Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

“Only the youth can save India and the world from dismal gloom,” said Jawaharlal Nehru. They are the backbone of a nation. Only the youth can help achieve national objective, make a country great and powerful. It is imperative, therefore, that every young man and woman understand his or her responsibility towards the nation and contribute their mite in the task of nation building.

With the passing of the Constitution (61st Amendment) Bill, which lowered the voting age from 21 to 18 years, the Indian youth cannot be kept away from the mainstream of national politics, They cannot be isolated from the nation’s social and public life. In the past they responded to Gandhiji’s clarion call for joining the freedom movement. Today the nation beckons to them as it stands on the threshold of the 21st century. They are the builders of future India and the future generations look up to them to give them a sovereign, secular and independence India. For this it is essential that they are aware of the prevailing cross currents in national life in all spheres.

Education for nation-building should start during our school days. The highest values of ethical and moral conduct in our day-to-day affairs should be instilled in us so that we do not swerve from the righteous path when we grow up. Petty divisions of caste, creed and community should find no place in this teaching. What we require is a healthy political outlook on the issues that affect us and the nation as a whole. This awareness will stand us in good stead when we grow up and are called upon to help in the task of nation building

In this fast-changing scenario of events and personalities, the youth of the country have a crucial role to play. The nation appears to be in a state of flux and the youth can certainly give it a positive direction. They can help build an India that is free from any traces of social economic or political injustice. They can ‘work towards binding the people of this vast and diverse land into one single unit.

They can be the torch-bearers of our ancient culture and spread the message of goodwill and brotherhood in all corners of the country, They can effectively ward off such evil forces as those of casteism, untouchability and communalism with their enlightened outlook. The youth can also crush such fissiparous tendencies as linguism, regionalism, fundamentalism, terrorism by involving themselves. in gainful activities and channelising their dormant energies in the right direction. Once they take it upon themselves to fight such disruptive forces that divided our nation and threaten its unity and integrity, they will have played sterling role in giving the political life of the nation a new look. It will no longer be denigrated as a cesspool or the refuge of all scoundrels and riffraff from the society.

What the youth of today should beware of is the dubious and exploitative role played by today’s politicians in their lives. These self-seekers often instigate.the students to go on strikes and sit-ins and also incite them to incidents of violence to gain their own selfish ends. The youth must not fall a prey to such opportunists. They should organise their own unions and present only genuine demands and grievances to the authorities without any outside interference in their affairs. Only then will their initiation into politics be in the right spirit. If the youth allow themselves to be used and exploited by the present breed of politicians, politics will engulf them in its snares and they will emerge no better than what the politicians are today, i.e., corrupt, self-seeking, arrogant, ruthless and unscrupulous, In that case the very purpose of their involvement in politics would be negated. If necessary, legislation should be enacted so that present day politicians cannot interfere in the affairs of the youth. They only misguide the youth and make them work for their own ends rather than the larger interest of the nation.

The youth of today cannot, and should not, close their eyes to the happenings around them. They should be keen and aware of goings on, the manipulations of politicians and the various forces working at loggerheads against one another. Once they have understood the scene around, they should involve themselves in setting things right. This can be possible only if the priorities of the youth themselves are right. For this, their System of education and upbringing has to be in consonance with national ideals as well as their own requirements regarding jobs and vocations. They must be assured of gainful employment once they complete their education. Only then will they wholeheartedly devote themselves to their studies as well as nationbuilding tasks, and only then will their participation and involvement in politics be meaningful.

Once the youth are guided in the right direction by involving them in the national politics, the possibilities of betterment of their lot are immense and vast. This in not to suggest that they should give up their studies for the sake of politics. The point is that their potential energy should percolate down to other areas of life. That is why Swami Vivekanand said .” my hope of the future lies with the youth of this country, youth of character and intelligence, renouncing everything for the service of others, who can sacrifice their lives in working out my ideas and doing good to themselves and to the country at large”. It is this all-round growth and involvement that the youth should aim at, instead of mere lopsided involvement in politics during their impressionable years or mere love of books or sports, while wearing blinkers where the political happenings round them are concerned. If taken in this spirit, the youth of the country certainly have a positive role to play in politics. The need is to educate and train them properly to understand their responsibilities towards the country and the world at large.


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