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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “The Tsunami Horror” Complete Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The Tsunami Horror

Introduction : Man claims to have conquered land, ocean, and other planets. He has indeed. Man flies like bird in the air. He has dug out hidden treasures lying buried in the earth. He has found out the mysterious things hidden in the depth of ocean. He has reached moon and the other planets. But man’s claim of conquering land, ocean and air seems to be an empty boast when nature takes a furious turn. Nature keeps reminding man that it is beyond his power to control it. Storms, Cyclones, earthquakes, volcanos eruption and havoc caused by sea waves expose the hollowness of man’s claim of conquering nature. The tsunami phenomenon is such a disaster as brought destruction on a vast scale in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, Malaysia. The worst hit countries were Indonesia, Ceylon and India where according to an estimate more than two lakh people were reported to have been killed.

How did the tsunami take place ? December 26, 2004 will always be remembered as a minor dooms day in Indonesia, India, Ceylon, Thailand and Malaysia and other nearby areas. According to the news, at 6.28 A.M., a violent rupture on the sea floor along a 1,000 km fault line triggered a quake of magnitude at the west coast of northern Sumatra in Indonesia.

This resulted in the ocean bed rising more than 10 meters and displacing hundreds of cubic kilometers of the overlaying water, generating a massive tsunami—travelling at speeds of up to 700 km/hr. It fanned across the Indian ocean striking coast lines with walls of water as high as 10 meters.

Loss Caused by Tsunami Waves : According to an article published in India Today (Just after the Tsunami horror) : “The day after Christmas, the world was left shaken. The Sumatra earthquake that recorded on the Ricter Scale has triggered a tsunami that lashed across the coast of 13 nations. When the waves receded, the magnitude of tragedy was revealed over 8500 dead and millions left homeless. From the 572 dots that comprise the Andman and Nicobar Islands to Somalia, a country which makes headlines for war as much as far lack of water, the tsunami left little standing in its wake. It was a wave which exposed the tenuous grasp humanity has on life In grief. And in loss. In India, as the death toll crossed 10,000, it was a tragedy on the scale of the 1993 Lature earthquake, worse than the cyclone that lashed Orissa

In 1993. Imagine 20,000 nuclear weapons going off at the same time. Imagine, it happened.” But this report was based on the information made available just after the tsunami calamity. After a month or so when the surveying teams went to the hit areas sent news that more than three lakh people were left dead by the sea waves rose as high as ten metres. Marina beach and Andman &Nicobar islands group had been ravaged by the killer waves. Dead bodies were lying scattered along the coastal line. They were given a massive burial. The fishermen living along the coastal line suffered casualties as well as financial loss. They lost their homes, families and the means of earning their livelihood.

A brief history of Tsunami havoc : Tsunami waves had caused havoc earlier in several countries of the world. Below is given a brief history of the destruction which this calamity brought to different parts of the world.

November 1, 1755 : More than 60,000 people were killed in Europe.

August 27, 1883: About 36,000 people were killed in Indonesian islands of Java & Sumatra.

June 15, 1896 : Nearly 27,000 people were killed on the east coast of Japan.

April 1, 1946 : Alutian earthquake and tsunami generated by a magnitude 7.8 quake near Unimak Island in Alaska’s Alentin island chain, this tsunami of 35 metres reached Hawai killing 159 people.

November 4, 1952 : Magnitude of quake recorded 8.2. Area affected kamchatka peninsula. The height of the waves touched 15 metres.

March 9, 1957: Magnitude of quake recorded 8.3. Area affected Hawain islands. The sea waves reached a height of 16 metres

May 22, 1960: The largest earthquake (magnitude recorded 8.6). Area affected the cost of South Central Chile. 2300 people were killed in Chile alone. Total damage in various countries was estimated of more than $500 million.

March 28, 1964 : An earthquake of magnitude recorded 8.4. Area affected from Valdoz to Trimity Islands. It killed more than 120 people. Alaska’s fishing industry and most sea port facilities were virtually destroyed.

Aug 23, 1976 : Close to 8,000 people killed in southwest Philippines. But the destruction caused by the recent tsunami waves of Dec. 26, 2004 was the greatest one. Tsunami waves caused immense loss to life and property. Many well off people were rendered poor and homeless in a few minutes. Many were heard saying ‘When I returned home there was nothingand no one left. Everything had been swept away in a matter of minutes. What do I do’

The situation in Indonesia and Sri Lanka was the most grim, Indonesia lost more than a 1.5 lakh of its citizens. In Sri Lanka too people suffered heavy loss of life and property.

People living in Andman & Nicobar Islands wanted to be shifted some-where else for they feared that life was not safe there.

Conclusion : Most of the countries came forward with as much help as they could provide to the victims of the killer waves. Millions of hands were raised for the help of Tsunami victims. Film Stars performed their shows, Cricket players arranged charity matches to raise money for the victims. Capitalists, Big businessman donated millions of rupees to the relief fund. But our government refused to accept foreign help. The Government of India deployed 20000 military paronals and several helicopters and ships to provide help to the victims. Even the laymen contributed to their capacity.

Our Government had decided to join the Pacific nations which has a Tsunami Warning System. The Honourable President and the Prime Minister made an appeal to the scientists of the country to develop their own system to forwarn people against this catastrophe so that such a heavy loss of life and property may be avoided.


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