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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “The Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons” Complete Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons

Nuclear weapons research began in Britain in 1940 but was transferred to the US after it entered the second world war. The research programme known as a Manhattan Project was directed by J. Robert Oppenheimer. The first test explosion was at Alamogordo, now Mexico on July 15, 1945 and the first use in war was by U.S.A. and its allies against Japan on August 6, 1945 over Hiroshima and three days later at Nagasaki. Since then countries like USA, Britain, France, Russia and China have in all conducted thousands of tests and are virtually sitting pretty over a stockpile of nuclear weapons the use of which could wipe out human civilization for ever.

Henry David, the great American philosopher and essayist had once remarked, “the civilized man is a more experienced and a wiser savage.” The wiser savage has now constructed a labyrinth of narrow, dark alleys from which he may never find his way out. So ruthless has he been rendered that he was very conveniently relegated all the humanitarian values to the safe pages of a dictionary.

The staging of Pokran II on the 11th and 13th May in 1998 generated a lot of criticism around the globe as the series of five nuclear test conducted by India marked the metamorphosis of a nation with high moral ground into an unwelcome member of the nuclear club.

Whatever one may say about India’s nuclear test it is important that the security of a nation of a billion should be given top priority.

But until mankind abolishes war and its instrument of destructions the United Nations must maintain an effective quantity of nuclear weapons so deployed as to be capable of surviving any surprise attack and devastating the attacker. Only through such strength we can stay in the world—should that deterrent fail face the tragedy of another war without any hope of survival.”

The P-5 have assumed the prerogative of peddling peace in the world from behind the grand facade of international organizations like the UN and an elaborate network of agencies, talks, and conferences. The self-assumed status of the apostles of peace reflects the element put forward by them that the power must remain with them.

An old adage says To be prepared for war is one of the most effective means of preserving peace. There are innumerable instances in history which can be cited to prove that”. Whenever India was militarily weak it fell prey to aggressive designs of the invaders. Today the country stands virtually under the threat of aggression. When the weaponry was conventional there was a big possibility of one of the sides winning. Now that the threat has assumed nuclear dimensions. There is a need to acquire a deterrent, any consideration regarding the acquisition of a deterrent must encompass significant implications. Till yesterday there existed merely a stagnant pond from which emanated nothing but the stench of backwardness. But today ripple on that pond has sent waves of rude shock, among those nations and even a small act of self-defence is second to draw considerable repercussions. India has always been a sensitive territory to warmongers, Pakistan has always created troubles for India. China has always been a potential threat number one. In such a hostile environment why should India remain mute spectator.

Hence exercising the nuclear option will be the most effective way of possessing deterrent. India must have a deterrent which will avert the threat of aggression.

 Acquiring the minimum nuclear deterrence is neither venturesome nor useless. The long sustained dubiousness would have instead increased our vulnerability. India’s elevation to the status of nuclear power gives it preemptive capacities to protect its interest in an unjust world order. In a world of suave stratagem, the aim of nuclear deterrent is not to assume aggressive postures towards other nations but to prevent attacks on itself and maintain its independent state. In a world in which morality is a steep decline, India’s adherence to moral high ground became barrier develop technology even for peaceful purposes. In no manner should such a statement be construed as one advocating the depending with morality. Instead the plea would be on acquisition of strength and self-defence alongside morality.

Defence analysts use the term min-max as an answer to India’s security needs. This was stated by the P-5 during the cold war era and it states that the minimum nuclear deterrent takes care of the maximum threat. In fact acquisition of nuclear weapon by India will always act as a deterrent.

If everybody minds his own business the world would go a great deal faster.” (Lewis Cardle) If the only the power hungry beings on the earth would pay heed Caroll’s words, the world be a much happier place. J. B Priestly also opined that much of the devastation and disorder is brought about by the men who are up and doing, causing much harms by their restlessness. The development of nuclear weapons can not be hailed as a propitious and it is impossible to reverse what has already happened.

If we recall the episode of the transformation of the habitat of humanity of Heroshima and Nagasaki into a raging infernos in 1945. The fact that  everyone needs to realise is that in order to escape the kind of fate destiny forked out for the Japanese, we need to maintain a deterrent which will help the daredevil with thousands of nuclear warheads in their armories at bay. That is precisely the need of the hour.


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