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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “The Pleasures of My Life” Complete English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The Pleasures of My Life


I am a young boy and I love to enjoy my life at the fullest. I believe that the things that are offered to me are a source of happiness in my life. I find truth as a beauty and beauty as a truth.

Although I love to eat my mother’s homemade food, I relish eating hot pizzas and burgers. What a treat they are! I always like to eat hot food. As I move down my morsels through the throat, my tongue feels thousands of sensations. The entire mouth becomes a room heater. Biting each piece of pizzas and burgers gives me out of the world experience. Similarly, I also enjoy taking pleasure of leaking my favourite black current ice-cream cone. Once again, my tongue undergoes thousands of sensations. This time my mouth becomes an-air-conditioned cabin. Although teeth get frozen, but crushing the ice cream under the teeth is quite pleasurable.

I am not married yet. However, I find strange to see henpecked husbands. I enjoy seeing such couples. I find it poor for such man who has to carry his baby during shopping and his wife walks two steps ahead caring her purse. The wife orders and the husband carries the baskets and other bags. I feel entertained when I come across firm and strict men who are ordered by their wives. Such men are tigers outside their homes and scared-cats in front of their wives. However, such poor husbands always remember their days before marriage and are jealous of bachelors like me.

Another important pleasure of my life is riding a bicycle in maximum speed. I know it is dangerous to do so, but I take all precautions to avoid an accident. One can say that I like to perform stunts on my bicycle. My favourite area to ride bicycle is a small hill behind my house. While riding the bicycle I feel like a bird flying high in sky with trees and bushes rushing behind.

Some people may find enjoyment while intoxicating but it does not mean that everyone needs to drink in order to have fun and enjoyment. Everyone has something that is pleasurable. Some people enjoy shopping for themselves or for others. Somebody else may enjoy watching a Sunday cricket match on big LCD. There are even people who find enjoyment working twelve or more hours a day and seven days a week. They are workaholic.

However, no matter what is pleasurable for an individual, it is important to engross in it to such an extent where nothing else matters.


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