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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “The Pleasure of Reading Books” Complete Paragraph or Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The Pleasure of Reading Books

Essay No. 01

My never failing friends are they

with whom I converse day by day.’

Books are out never-failing friends. They are our constant and faithful friends. They stand by us in our weal and woe. Our friends may leave us in the lurch but books always stand by us. Our wealth may take wings but our books always remain out life-long companions. Once we read them, they become a part of our life. In fact, they are the milestones on the path of life. They remind us of important events in our life. They are the glory of every house. Books are written on a variety of subjects. They are the products of great brains. They contain the treasures of wisdom. They enrich our mind with knowledge and satisfy our thirst for intellectual and spiritual knowledge. They give us courage in moments of loneliness and despair. They widen our outlook and give us a new direction in life. They world of books is, in fact, very large. Much depends upon the selection of books. Good books take us on to the right path of life. On the other hand, cheap books lead us astray. So, we should be quite wary while choosing books. It is only good books which open before us the windows of knowledge and lay before us the pearls of wisdom. They give us the secret of living on this earth. They console us, guide us and rebuke us when we are in the wrong. So, the pleasures of reading books are many.


Essay No. 02


Pleasures of Reading


Reading for Pleasure


It is a well-recognized fact that most of the people in India, particularly in north India are not much interested in reading. Most of the people read only if they must. Students are encouraged by teacher to read just the books of their courses and nothing more and in many cases, and that quite pitiably, people shirk even buying books of courses. This is not true of paupers and poor people only. Even millionaires and those quite philanthropic and fond of donating money for good social purposes, fight shy of buying books for they are least interested in reading books and brushing or updating their knowledge.

Superstitions play a vital role in the people’s mental make-up in our country. Even educated people think that the ever-changing pattern of news of different kinds will shake their faith. In other words, they are not ready to accept reason as a guiding force in their life. They feel contented while remaining steeped in the dark alleys of blind faith and superstition.

Reading books, however, is recommended not just for augmenting one’s knowledge Reading provides a sort of pleasure which is not attainable anywhere else. When a person starts reading a good novel such as one by Dickens or a fictional story such as by Ruskin Bond, one cannot desire to lay down the book till the story is finished.

Pleasure provided by good books is exhilarating and elevating. We should, however, beware of writings which are degenerative in nature. A judicious selection of books or the guidance of an experienced person is necessary before we decide about the books that we should read.


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